Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Summons Came

Both our insurance and lawyer had explained what a court summons would be and how someone would come "serve" it to us at our home. It would likely be a police officer. It could possibly be a private place and just an ordinary person.

Tuesday, Aug 12, I had just barely woken from my nap and the doorbell rang. I didn't think much of it and looked through the peep hole. I didn't recognize the man standing there and was ready to tell him we are not interested in whatever he has to sell. He had stepped back off our porch and for some reason I was grateful. I didn't feel intimidated being home alone with a sleeping toddler. I just already knew I was not interested in whatever he was here for.

I open the door.

"Is Casey here?" 
"No. He is at work. I'm his wife. May I help you?"
"But he does live here?"
"I'm here to deliver his court summons."
"Oh. Thanks for bringing it." (Really?! I had no idea what to say? I wasn't sure thanking him was the right phrase but I knew being polite was. And it wasn't like this is the guy suing us--he was hired privately.)

I give him my name and he records on the paper that I received the document at 1703 (5:03pm). 

We have been waiting for this document since the middle of May. And now we have a time limit of 20 days to get a response. But of course both the insurance and lawyer offices are closed. Three minutes too late.

So day one of our 20 passes without being able to do anything other than read the 7 page, stapled 3 times, double spaced court summons. I put on my "technical reading classes" and made my way through it as if I was reading some professional food science articles. I found the name of the judge dealing with the case. I see the total medical expenses. I read that in addition to the total medical expense, we are being sued for several other things including pain and suffering, lawyer fees, and about 6 other things.

I set the paper aside and force myself to continue on with life. There is nothing else I can do but wait for business hours the next day to begin making phone calls.

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