Sunday, October 5, 2014

Heidi's Birth Stats

I keep getting asked for details with Heidi's birth. While finding time to write is nearly impossible, I will hopefully share the details slowly. :)

Birth Stats
Day Wednesday October 1
Time 1:37 pm
Weighed 8 pounds 3 ounces (currently she is 7 pounds 11 ounces)
Length 18.5 inches
Apgar 8.8 (this is a 1-10 scale. Anything over 8 is considered to be a "healthy" baby. Heidi's first minute on earth was great! But it dropped drastically after that)

She was put in oxygen in my room with in a couple if minutes after birth and then she kept getting worse. (I looked out the window and it was raining a she was born. Just a quick little micro burst that started and stopped quickly.) They wanted to get the respiratory team in my room but instead of just paging them, code blue was announced. Almost immediately the entire hospital staff was in my room. My doctor asked immediately what was going on and realized the code blue was an accident. He kept talking to me and tried to keep me calm.

Then I heard the person holding the oxygen on her say she was getting worse and would have to be life flighted. I lost it at that point and was sobbing hysterically. Moments later she and casey and the entire hospital staff were gone. And then my doctor was gone and my nurses. I was left all alone in the delivery room--with my tears and prayers.

(sorry for no pictures. We have very few pictures in my delivery room because nothing went according to what I had planned! And the few pictures that casey took are on the actual camera not my phone....)

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