Monday, October 6, 2014

Heidi's Last Days in Heaven

Last picture of Devin as my only child...
At least only one on earth...
Heidi was still in Heaven. :)
Friday September 26
•36 weeks 5 days
• We went on a date and the heavy rain started while we were inside the restaurant.
• The sudden weather change caused a sudden change in me.
• Heidi "dropped" almost instantly and I felt all sorts of low pressure.

Saturday September 27
• 36 weeks 6 days
• I thought my water had broken in the afternoon.
• Constant contractions but not painful.
• In triage the nurse agreed that I was wet but all tests came back negative for amniotic fluid, including an ultrasound to measure the fluid amount.
• Dilated 3.5 cm, 60% effaced
• They had me walk for an hour only to have more water running down my leg.
• Retested for water breaking-all tests negative.
• Final conclusion: I have a ton of mucus and it was extremely watery.
• Watched Women's Conference in my room.
• Released.
Before we left for the hospital on Saturday

Sunday September 28
• Full term-37 Weeks
• Contractions stopped
• Woke up in the middle of night but couldn't walk to the bathroom because I was extremely dizzy! I felt like I was surfing.
• Read the paper from being released from triage of when to return. Unfortunately, dizzy was not on there.
• Called on call doctor. Not sure what to do. Tried to go back to sleep.
• Stayed home from church.
• Had an "upset" tummy except I wasn't sick.
• Called the on call doctor. Diagnosis: my tummy was just fine. My body was just getting ready for labor. The goal was to stay hydrated!
Devin's attempt to help Baby Sister come out on Sunday evening.

Monday September 29
• 37 weeks 1 day
• Doctor's appointment
• Dilated 4 cm. 70-80% effaced.
• The previous appointment exactly 1 week before, dilated to a "generous" 1 (really it was zero) but thought to be softening.
• Doctor was amazed at how much I had changed in the week.
• He did not expect to see me at my next one week appointment.

Tuesday September 30
•37 weeks 2 days
• Slightly mild contractions but not doing anything or increasing
• I was ready to be done emotionally with the pregnancy. I have had a rather difficult 9 months--more emotionally than anything else
• Continued to pray that Heidi would be born as soon as she was ready and her lungs developed
• Sometime in the middle of the night started feeling a weird moisture sensation. It wasn't a gush by any means. In my sort of awake/ mostly asleep state it remind me of my period (sorry if that is tmi) but I didn't think much of it and continued to sort of sleep.

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