Saturday, November 1, 2014

Heidi's History: ONE Month

It has hard to believe how much has happened in the past month. My life has changed. My routine and schedule have changed. My prayers have changed. I am a different person now than I was September 30. I was so nervous to have two children at home. But as I continued to spend time with Heidi in NICU, the only thing I wanted was to have both children at home. It is hard and has a definite learning curve. But it is so rewarding!!

Heidi's Favorite Things: She likes batting at her jungle jim. She is a pretty big fan of her soothie binkie. She loves it when I (or Casey) hold and cuddle her.

Most Memorable Moment(s): Fighting for Heidi to come home from NICU, First Halloween. She is off her oxygen for the most part during the day now but still uses it at night. Shoot.... I have simply enjoyed dressing up my little doll.

Nicknames: Baby Sister, Sweet Pea, Missy, Missy Moo (one of our favorite NICU nurses called her Missy Moo. The name kind of stuck.)

Dislikes: Having her arms swaddled down. The picture is pretty true to her nature--hands have to be up. Bows glued in her hair--she rips them out. Tubes on her face--she rips them off. Showers/ baths, she just isn't a fan! Wearing the oxygen sensor on her foot doesn't seem to bother her at all but if the monitor beeps for awhile, it normally wakes her up.

Clothing Size: Newborn and 0-3 months

Diaper Size: Newborn (but once the nb run out, we are switching her to 1)

Personality: She is very pleasant! She really only cries when she is hungry. She doesn't mind all the kisses from Devin or sitting in his lap. And she is a very happy baby. I often catch smiles and cooing.

Milestones: She smiles and it is definite happiness! She often has happy dreams. She is doing really well at holding her head up during tummy time and while we are holding her in a sitting position. She tracks objects really well and likes staring at us.

Sleeping: Right now she goes down around 10 pm ish. Wakes around 3 am ish. Wakes again between 6-8 am. I'm hoping to start working with her to extend the middle waking until later. She is normally awake for a short time mid morning. And normally awake in the early evening for awhile. (She still sleeps a lot in other words!)
UPDATE: So normally I don't come back and edit monthly reports. But I figured since this happened just a few hours after I posted it and it was still technically Nov 1 (to the 2nd), it should be added. Heidi finished her bottle around/ was asleep 11 pm. She then slept through the whole night and woke up at 5:45 am!! Yay for more sleep for mommy! :)

Eating: She came home from NICU drinking milk from the bottle. Then it was 56 mL (just barely under 2 ounces) every 3 hours. She still drinks pumped milk from the bottle and won't nurse. I'm so grateful for my hospital grade pump!! Now she drinks around 3.5-4 ounces every 3-4 hours. I totally feed her what the NICU doctors would call "ad lib" meaning she is in charge.

Communication: Heidi cries for milk. She talks and tells me stories and definitely has figured out her grunting. Casey says her grunts sound "like a girl" because she makes such different noises than Devin ever did.

The hardest part: It is really hard having to keep her in isolation. I just want to show off my adorable bundle of joy and wish that I could let others hold her. It is hard for me if I am home the entire day.

My favorite part: I just love holding a baby again. And the warm feeling it brings to my heart to have her in my arms. There is just something magical about snuggling a new baby from Heaven.

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