Tuesday, November 4, 2014

October 2014

I saw this idea on a friend's blog and decided to give it a try. Sometimes I'm great at blogging. Sometimes not. This past month, there has been so much focus on Heidi's eventful birth that it would be easy to overlook and forget the rest of the coming and goings. So here is the brief summary of the month.

  • Heidi was born Oct. 1. She aspirated meconium at 80% after being suctioned. This resulted in life flight 3 hours after birth and a NICU stay until Oct. 12.

  • We celebrated my birthday. I spent the majority of the time with Heidi. Devin, Casey, my mom and sister met me at the near by park for a picnic lunch. And we had a family dinner with one of my favorite meals my mom would make as we were growing up.
  • I was completely exhausted (both Casey and I were awake the majority of the night before her discharge proving that we really could take care of our daughter and she would eat for us) but so excited to become a family of four, all living together, on the day of discharge.

  • We have really appreciated Casey's amazing boss during this time of transition! Casey was able to work from home which helped so much with crazy newborn (lack of) sleep schedules and feedings. And it helped me knowing he was there--I truly am so grateful for his support and friendship and concern for me!!
  • Since Heidi is only drinking from bottles, we found a hospital grade pump that was going to cheaper to buy than rent. Devin had a ball playing in his "house" with all the styrofoam packing peanuts. We are still picking up tiny pieces that were smashed into the carpet.

  • Devin completely loves having his Baby Sister home. He gives her kisses and hugs frequently. He is a huge helper and throws away her diapers and finds binkies/ burp cloths/ the boppy pillow. 
  • Devin is also very good about putting on hand santizer. Maybe too good. He uses it to clean everything and it drives me nuts. But the goal is keeping Heidi/ all of us healthy!

  • Heidi hates having her hands swaddled down by her sides. We gave up on trying because we would hear constant grunting as she worked to free them. Her hands are always up by her face to sleep. Devin was the same way. Casey and I were talking one day and wondered what our kids had against being swaddled because supposedly it should comfort babies.

  • Thankfully Heidi's umbilical cord fell off and healed like normal. I was slightly nervous that she would get umphilitis like Devin. Gratefully it must not be genetic and Devin's belly button problems were totally abnormal.
  • We started Heidi on a trial basis of taking her oxygen off during the day. She is doing great with it and normally only uses it at night. This is doing murder to her cheeks though from having to rip the stickers off.
  • Heidi is able to hold her head up fairly well during tummy time and while sitting on our laps. This is what tummy time normally looks like in our home. Devin loves playing with her any chance he gets!

  • And speaking of play, Heidi likes batting at her jungle gym and normally giggles after. She also plays with her tracking cards extremely well and follows the pictures. This one (Jesus) is her favorite card!

  • Although life was crazy, I made a point to involve Devin in Halloween festivities. We went trick or treating at the Olympic Oval. That was absolutely chaotic as I'm pretty sure every kid in the whole valley was there. We would wait in very long lines to get one piece of candy. But I enjoyed my break and time out of the house, even if it was with a giant mob of people.
  • Between Casey, myself and my sister, Devin was able to go trick or treating (or participate in the crafts/ activities) at the Oval, Macey's, the library, ward trunk or treat, local shopping mall, and up and down our street. He doesn't have a ton of candy and honestly I'm grateful but he had a fun experience.
  • Devin was going to be a pilot for Halloween. I found a cute (and cheap) pilot hat on amazon. I loved it. Devin hated it and would cry/ run away from the hat. I decided it wasn't worth it so he is simply an airplane instead of a pilot flying the airplane.
  • My favorite Devin Halloween memory was when he went trick or treating on the street, Casey was working with him to try to get him to say "trick or treat" at the door. Well, one of our neighbors opened the door and Devin thought of a better phrase. He said, "I want candy!"

  • Heidi was just "cute" for Halloween. I dressed her up in seasonal clothes but not a costume. Before she was born, I was planning to wear her in our brown Ergo carrier and then make hats that looked like kangaroos. She was going to be a joey and I was going to be the mommy kangaroo. It didn't happen because my life became busy with the hospital at the beginning of the month and then I didn't really care because she couldn't leave anyway.

  • We celebrated Casey's birthday with Halloween festivities and a pizza. I made a carrot, pecan cake and we had our parents over on Sunday.

It truly has been a busy and unforgettable month. 

October has been filled with... 
Facing the unexpected. Adjusting to two kiddos. Movies and Sesame Street in attempts to keep the two year old occupied while I help Heidi. Savoring the time I go shopping and get out of the house. Attempting to figure out how to make dinner--doesn't happen very often because I seem to be feeding Heidi instead of cooking. And most importantly seeing the love grow in our home in ways I never could have dreamed of.

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