Saturday, December 13, 2014

Nov. 2014

November was an exciting month and also just a regular month. Adjusting to having two kids is exhausting and I don't think either of us have totally adjusted/ figured it out yet. I often feel like there are five things I should be doing each day (1. pump/ feed Heidi, 2. exercise, 3. teach Devin preschool/ play with him, 4. clean the house/ laundry, and 5. make dinner). I feel like I can handle two of the five on any given day and three on really good days. How to get back to a balanced, normal, I-can-accomplish-everything-I-need-to day, I have no idea. If anyone has any awesome, practical, won't-make-me-feel-worse suggestions, please feel free to share.

  • Casey and I both had teeth cleanings/ x-rays. I can't remember how many years for Casey and probably at least a full year for myself since the last teeth cleaning. We had to wait for our insurance to be effective. Amazingly enough, neither of us had any cavities. This was not a shock for Casey because he has strong teeth and healthy enamel. We are praying our kids will inherit his teeth! Mine on the other hand are genetically weak and no amount of brushing will help.
  • We were able to attend our stake's annual Fall Ball. The theme was "Under the Sea" and it was so much fun to go to a dance again. We didn't end up dancing very much but rather talking to some of our dear friends. It was a wonderful date night!
  • Casey had Veterans Day off as a paid holiday. I think it became my favorite Veterans Day yet because it was the first time that either of us have ever had that day off, let alone off and paid!
  • I had my 6 week postpartum check up with my OB doctor. Postpartum is going pretty well physically. Not so hot on the diet/ loose baby weight (plus more). Emotionally it is hard as I feel like I can't get enough things done.
  • We were able to attend two high school plays--Cinderella and Fiddler on the Roof. Both were excellent and much needed date nights. Two little loves sure brings a whole new level of longing for it to be date night again. Fiddler brought back some vivid memories of when I played Golde in junior high and Casey was on stage crew. We spent a lot of time together during rehearsals!!
  • I started teaching Devin tot school. It was the first time I let him paint or use dot markers. He is definitely learning so quickly. Some days I feel like I am more successful at this than others because I don't want to spend the time teaching. But Devin loves it and I know it is good for him to have some personal mommy attention and tot school is a great way to do that.
  • It is hard to believe that we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary! In some ways it seems like we have been married so way longer than that. So much has happened and yet in other ways, it seems like there is no way that it could possible even be five years.
  • Heidi's doctor called the day before Thanksgiving just to check on her. She was released from isolation at that point. We are now in seclusion but at least she can go out--just not really touched by others. She is COMPLETELY off her oxygen!! :D

(The following pictures are NOT in chronological order for the month. They are in how ever blogger decided to arrange them and I don't feel like fighting with it.)
  • Heidi's First Thanksgiving!!
    5 Year Wedding Anniversary.
    We went to Michalengelo's--LOVE their bread.
    Casey gave me a rice cooker and salt/pepper shakers.
    I gave him some tie racks.

    1. First time using glue.
    2. First time without my help for painting.
    3. Dot markers for thanksgiving/ turkey FHE.
    4. See those scribbles on the orange paper? He colored this in nursery. If you ask him what the picture is, he always says the same thing. It is a helicopter and a fire truck. Use your imagination.
    5. First time I tried to get him to color things using the right color--he did great!
    6. Instead of coloring the leaves this time, he decided he wanted to circle them. No idea where the circling came from or how he learned it but he did great!

    (And Devin loves to make sure that Heidi has toys in her crib to play with....)

    Heidi loves playing with her jungle gym.
    So does Elmo.

    Missy Moo the little cuddle bug

    1. Heidi often has her feet crossed! (So does Devin. My mom claims it is genetic....)
    2. sleeping on the bobby
    3. first time wearing shoes because she did not have to have her oxygen sensor on during the day
    4. tummy time. Heidi hates tummy time. But at least she has a buddy to keep her company.

    Setting up our Christmas tree!

    Fall Ball and watching Fiddler

    with her great grandmother and also casey's mom

    I LOVE my boys in suits!!! :D

    ignore the blurriness and not so great of quality.
    I love us together.

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