Saturday, January 24, 2015

December 2014

December was lovely! I enjoyed the (crazy!!) warm weather for the entire month and then the snow falling on Christmas Day. The weather motivated me to take Devin out and about. We really have not gone on field trips since before Heidi was born. I was just exhausted being pregnant. And I couldn't figure out how to be a mommy to two. I'm not 100% certain I have figured out the balance of life and mommy-hood yet. No idea how to exercise, clean my house, take care of my little loves, read my scriptures, go on field trips, teach Devin preschool, make dinner, fold the laundry, etc all on the same day. But I decided to just let the not-so-important things get ignored. "Making dinner" is now something as simple as opening a can of soup or macaroni and cheese--both count as me "making dinner". And my little loves will only be little for such a short time. They are most important. Other stuff just has to wait.

Yes this is long. Read if you want. Skim if you want. Glance at pictures if you want. I would love comments and responses if you actually end up reading. :) And just a tip... if you click on the pictures, they should become much larger so you can actually see everything in the collage!

  • We started the month off by looking at cars. If it seems really random, it was. We had talked about getting a new car (well, new to us) for awhile and decided that we each needed a car before it started snowing. I needed freedom to leave the house instead of going absolutely nuts with Devin inside. And we needed Casey to stay healthy instead of standing in snow, freezing to death, waiting for a bus. We looked at one old used van. And I decided that I couldn't do used because I would just be buying someone else's problems. Unless we bought a much newer used car that still included a warranty/ guarantee. We looked at new cars. Because it was still "Black Friday Weekend" there were several AWESOME deals. And with the killer low prices, we found that we could buy a brand new, completely basic model car for the same price as a 2011-ish with around 35,000 miles on it. Brand new 2015 versus used 2011. It seemed like a no brainer. And so we went forward and bought a Nissan Versa. It seemed like the most impulsive buy of my life but we also felt really blessed and guided.
    • As a side note... I'm not kidding about basic model. It is totally stripped down of anything fancy/ extra cost. We love our new car! And are truly grateful for it. But it is SOOOO annoying having two kiddos and manual locks. And it gets better... only the driver door unlocks from the outside. So that means Devin runs around like crazy and Heidi sits in her car seat on the ground while I climb through the car to unlock doors. It is great fun. ;)
  • Smith's grand open near-ish (sort of...) our house. This was the earliest I have ever managed to get two kids out of the house by myself. Both kids were still in pjs--yes, I became a pj mom at the grocery store and I don't even feel bad. I was one of the first 100 customers at the jewelry store and was given a beautiful, real, multi-colored/ strands, pearl bracelet. I LOVE it. All the grief of trying to get the kids ready by myself and having to feed Heidi while walking around the store was completely worth it because of that bracelet.
    • It has since been a blessing/ curse with a store closer to our house. It is now easy to make way too many trips to the store.
    • However, with a pharmacy promotion they had going on, we have been able to earn Smith's dollars. HUGE blessing!! Even with my rather frequent trips, I haven't spent very much money!
    • We saw the Oscar Mayer Hot Dog truck. I was so excited because I have never seen it. And you can only imagine Devin's excitement. He still asks about it every time we drive to Smiths now.
  • Casey and I went on the Jingle Bus for a date night. We also saw the "ZCMI Candy Windows."
  • Devin went to his first friend party by himself. We dropped him off. I'm not totally sure what he did other than eat macaroni and cheese and chocolate cake but seemed to have fun.
  • We went to a Living Nativity in Alpine. I felt like all we did was stand in lines. I'm not kidding. Casey and I got sick of it. Devin's feet got tired. There were so many people. But it was completely worth it in the end. Seeing Baby Jesus meant so much to Devin. More than sitting on Santa's lap or other parties we went to. He constantly talked about seeing Baby Jesus.
  • Devin enjoyed sitting on Santa's lap several times. He was not shy or nervous at all. He told Santa what we each wanted. 
    • (Devin= computer/ laptop. Heidi= Heidi movie with Shirley Temple. Mom= Jesus Calendar. Dad= work clothes.)
  • Devin played at Jungle Jim's twice. Once with his grandparents and cousin. Once with his aunt. He has loved having a free pass to it. Too bad the pass expired at the end of the year. He has had fun playing there for the past year!
  • I went to my RS Christmas Dinner Party. The program was amazing. Different women read a "journal entry" from each of the women in Christ's life when he was born. The one that touched me the most was the Mother of Mary.
  • Devin enjoyed "library school." He wants to participate but is nervous to do so without me. He at least sat on the rug instead of my lap. He made a reindeer mask with his handprints. So cute!
  • Enjoyed "Christmas rides" in our new car. I just love driving around to look at Christmas lights. And Devin's excitement made it even more magical this year.
  • We had dinner at Kneaders with my family and saw Santa again.
  • Casey worked insane amounts of overtime. He was super late coming home. One night came home late, ate dinner, then started working on his laptop. Only to get up early the next morning to keep working. Thankfully his job is normally not this demanding. The developing team was trying to get the program/software/website (I'm really not totally sure what exactly. I think it is more web stuff?) ready for a huge update. The giant overtime check will be so nice though!
  • Heidi got her first cold. Probably passed from me. No idea where I got sick because I live in a germ-phobic/ constant-hand-santizer life. We both survived.
  • We went to our ward Christmas Party. Loved the hot chocolate bar!!
  • Date night to Taco Time and Gingerbread shakes from Arctic Circle.
  • Watched "The Little Elf" puppet show at the library. Devin loved watching the elves. He took our elf, Tinsel with.
  • I attempted to go to another Living Nativity with Devin and my sister. But the line was way, WAY too long. Instead I took them both on the Jingle Bus. Devin loved the bus!
  • We decorated a gingerbread train.
  • I tried to take Devin to a different "library school." We were late and missed all the stories/ preschool part. We made paper mittens though. I traced Devin and Heidi's hand onto each mitten and then glued their pictures on the mittens at home.
    • Heidi really does have LONG fingers!!! Skinny and LONG!!!
  • Devin and I went to my parents' ward Christmas Party. They had a Live Nativity for the program. Devin LOVED seeing Baby Jesus again!
  • We went to my cousin's wedding. And drive-thru fast food date right before the sealing. I loved hearing the counsel of the sealer. It applied to Casey and I just as much as to my cousin and his new bride. We can't go wrong when following the prophet, attending the temple and remembering to love.
  • With kids all bundled in the car, we delivered cookie mixes to our neighbors and friends. And once again enjoyed looking at Christmas lights.
  • Casey took Christmas Eve off and then had Christmas Day AND Dec 26 off as paid holidays. I LOVED having him home for so long!
  • Celebrated Christmas Eve with Casey's family and Christmas lunch with mine. It was wonderful being with those we love so much. It has taken time but I completely love my in-laws just as much as my own family. I feel so blessed to have so many amazing family members (which really I consider friends) in my life.

  • I absolutely loved watching Devin open presents. He pretty much unwrapped everyones. It was a simple Christmas. But seriously, it was enough! I don't want to have so many new presents that they all just blur together and he becomes ungrateful. I would rather it always be simple.
  • One reason it was so nice for Casey to have the 26th off was because I could go clearance shopping by myself. :) We absolutely had to get some wrapping paper. We used up one roll and only had one partial roll left. I also was so excited to find several wood Elf on the Shelf puzzles for Devin next year. And a Baby's First Ornament for Heidi.
  • Date night was one of our Christmas gifts. A gift card for sushi and babysitting. We also enjoyed cookies from Hungry Bear. Best gifts ever are ones that allow us to go on free dates!
  • Heidi and I got sick AGAIN. Ugh. She started coughing and it made us nervous. But with countless prayers, the coughing stayed mild and she never developed breathing problems.
  • Devin and Heidi now have savings accounts at our credit union. They had a promotion going through the end of the year that would give the kids free money. Done. We love free money. LoL! The goal is to teach our kids to be savers. And I pray that my future children-in-laws are being raised to be savers as well. That is a whole different blog post though. One that I may never write....
  • We went to bed on New Years Eve. I slept with ear plugs. It was bliss.
  • And here are the rest of the pictures that we can't forget but I don't feel like writing about.... Haha. Click on the picture to make it larger!! And then you might be able to see everything. One of my favorites is in the bottom/ left -ish. It is above Devin's blue snowman pjs and Heidi's red/ pink heart pjs--both my boys are each feeding their baby!! :)

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