Sunday, January 4, 2015

Heidi's History: THREE Months

Heidi's Favorite Things: Heidi likes singing songs with me and loves music. It calms her down so quickly! For Christmas, we found a baby radio--best toy ever for her! She is very observant and likes to look around at everything. She likes playing with her fingers and hands, with both hands together and even just opening and closing one hand by itself. She has super LONG fingers and it is so cute to watch!! She holds her dolly and plays with her jungle gym. (As a sidenote: Devin likes to play with the jungle gym now too. He lays on his back and bats the toys just like Heidi.) She is a very quiet baby and doesn't talk a lot but will carry on full conversations with her daddy. She likes having her diaper changed and always grins while we do it.

Most Memorable Moment(s): Celebrating Heidi's first Christmas. It didn't mean that much to her but Devin sure enjoyed opening both of their presents. December was the first month that I actually started venturing outside with both kids. It was a really fun month and Heidi was such a trooper but also seemed to enjoy the outings. She had her two month check up and shots.

Nicknames: Missy Moo, Sweet Pea.

Dislikes: She doesn't like having a hungry tummy but is patient for a long time waiting for milk. She doesn't like her nose touched because she is nervous that we will suction it. She HATES tummy time!! Like to the point that I give in and don't make her do her pushups/ tummy time for very long or very often.

Clothing Size: 0-3 months (Occassionally 3-6 months on the top, if I'm layering her clothes for warmth.) She seems so much taller now. She has either had a height growth spurt or she is beginning to stretch out instead of staying curled up in a tight ball. Either way, I'm beginning to wonder how long her 0-3 month pants will fit her long (and growing) legs.

Diaper Size: One (with some explosions. The diapers still fit and are slightly big. But somehow she manages to explode what seems like frequently to me.)

Personality: Heidi is a very calm baby. She is very quiet. It is such a difference than Devin was at this age--like complete opposite. She is extremely happy and smiles more often than not when she is awake. She loves to be held and snuggled. She is very much attached to me and is beginning to have slight stranger danger if she doesn't recognize the voice.

Milestones: Heidi is definitely not rolling yet because she hates tummy time so much. She loves standing on her legs while holding onto our fingers now and is excited when she stands for long periods before she gets tired. She has a strong grasp on things (especially my hair!) and will hold onto her toys. When she hears something, she always turns towards it trying to figure out what it was. She loves to play with her hands and fingers.

Sleeping: Generally, she is a good sleeper at night now. Thankfully. I feel like I am beginning to function again because I sleep at night. She takes a good nap in the morning and afternoon. But she loves to be awake and play with us.

Eating: She probably drinks around 5 oz each time. I don't keep track of when she eats or how much because I have to remember my pumping schedule. I make more milk than she drinks (thankfully!! Huge blessing!). But she and I are on different schedules (generally) for when I pump and when she eats. She is a spitball baby! And I wonder how on earth she grows because it seems like she spits out more than she even ate to begin with.

Communication: Heidi smiles to let me know she likes something. And she responds when I talk to her (sometimes). She talks a lot to her daddy. But a lot is really not that much because she is much more of a listener/ observer. She grunts, coos, giggles, ooh and aahs. Sometimes she talks to herself and I love listening.

The hardest part: I know this seems odd but it is so hard that she is already 3 months old. I'm scared I'm going to forget having a baby. Soon she will be eating and crawling and etc. Have I written enough down that I can remember this treasured time? Have I held her enough for both of us to enjoy the snuggles? Will I remember her laugh and cry?

My favorite part: I love seeing her smile. I love looking at her and knowing that we will be best friends. I love that Devin loves her. I love that her hair is growing instead of falling out!!! (Except for a slight "bald" spot on the back of her head. But "bald" would really just mean thinner.) I love the few matching things she and I have (like a couple of hair bows and a bracelet)--I wish I had more so we could be twinners more often!

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