Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Heidi's History: FOUR Months

I have a hard time catching smiles on camera....

Heidi's Favorite Things: Heidi loves chewing on her hands (I'm thinking she is teething but nothing has broken through yet). And her favorite toy is a large circle with baby chew beads on it--she loves trying to stuff this in her mouth. She also loves her radio!! The music helps calm and soothe her. She likes to be in the same room as me and enjoys sitting in walker chair--she can't reach the ground to walk but just enjoys sitting up.  

Most Memorable Moment(s): Heidi can now roll from her tummy to her back. She hates tummy time and works so hard to roll over to her back. As soon as she is on her back, she is happy and smiling again. And I love hearing her and Devin giggle together--cutest thing ever!

Nicknames: Missy Moo, Sweet Pea, Happy Heidi.

Dislikes: She really hates tummy time. And she hasn't been the most pleasant ever the past week or so--guess is teething. (The reason for the guess is because she likes having her gums rubbed with our finger and calms down after teething tablets.) She doesn't like playing with her toes. She seems to know they are there but dislikes having them up to her mouth--it is almost as if she is not flexible enough.

Clothing Size: Both 0-3 and 3-6. I'm beginning to think about packing up smaller stuff but it is still a thought process.

Diaper Size: One.

Personality: Heidi is extremely happy. She smiles her adorable gummy smile with a sparkle in her eye at almost everyone. She likes to be included in family activities and squawks to come join us if we left her in a different room. She is very patient and puts up with a lot of love, smothers and playing with Devin. Heidi wants to feel included and a part of the family.

Milestones: Heidi imitates our voices and thinks she talks. She says "hi" a lot but I don't think she know what it means but rather simply copying us. She is working so hard on sitting up to sit by herself. She can't do it but she sure tries hard! Heidi has definitely started to mouth everything. One of her favorite things to "taste" was her dress made out of mesh. She can concentrate on various objects extremely well (including watching TV with Devin).

Sleeping: Normally, Heidi will go to sleep at night around 10 pm. She then sleeps until 5-7ish. I put a binky in her mouth and she goes back to sleep. Some nights, we don't have to do the binky routine at all--love those nights!! She normally drinks her milk around 8am. Then takes a good nap until 10 or so. Play time and lunch around noon. A good couple hour nap or so. Snack time and Mommy time (Devin is sleeping--sometimes this is called she plays by herself and I sleep in my room). Dinner and a quick nap. Then she is up until bedtime normally. She does like to catch quick cat naps here and there.

Eating: (see above for schedule). She is still only on pumped milk. She does not really have an interest/ hunger for more food so she until she wants more/ acts more interested, I see no reason to start foods yet.

Communication: Heidi is a quiet baby. But she does love to talk and carry on conversations. If one of us babbles at her, she will take turns "talking" with us. Devin has a way of making her laugh. She smiles a lot to let us know she likes it. Her eyes will start to cloud over before the tears actually come if she doesn't want it. She definitely has distinct cries. Her cry for "I'm lonely--don't forget me--I want to be in the same room with you" is more of a squawk. I hear this squawk fairly regularly because she loves being my little companion. So my left arm is used to hold her and my right arm does everything else. Or she sits in her chair beside me and I tell her everything I'm doing.

The hardest part: Growing up is hard. She doesn't seem any different today than she did yesterday. But all of the sudden you stack up a whole bunch of yesterdays and she is becoming my little lady instead of brand newborn baby. And I'm not sure when the change happened because yesterday she really was the same as today. It is also hard trying to get two kids in and out of the car (no power locks) by myself. 

My favorite part: I love that she knows who I am. Her eyes just light up when I come rescue her from the lonely squawk. I love seeing that sparkle and excitement and love shine through her. I love holding my baby and just long to keep her in my arms.

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