Thursday, April 2, 2015

Heidi's History: SIX Months

Look who can sit up??
I love her hands for balance!

Heidi's Favorite Things: Heidi loves chewing on her fingers... and her toys... and her clothes... num, num, num... everything goes in the mouth. She loves playing with her toys and is so patient to share everything with Devin. Basically, Devin always wants to play with her toys but he if he takes her toy, he will also give her something else (like one of his toys to play with). And Devin is one of Heidi's favorite things. Seriously. The two of them just adore each other. He has a way of making her giggle that no one else can. She loves being held by him and entertained by him. I'm pretty sure these two were the best of friends in heaven before they were born... now they are the best of friends here.

Most Memorable Moment(s): She sits up for long periods of time by herself. She will eventually wobble over. Heidi drank formula for the first time because I completely, completely forgot to pack a bottle for her and she won't nurse. Thankfully she took the bottle without complaint.

Nicknames: Missy Moo, Cutie Patootie, Happy Heidi

Dislikes: Baby food green beans. Oh my--so funny how much she hates pureed green beans. I spoon a bite into her mouth and she gags. And refuses to swallow and just gags some more. However, when I fed her tiny pieces of normal green beans and she gummed them to death with her gummy smile, she didn't seem to mind them. Heidi also does not like being by herself--it is a good thing Devin is her constant buddy.

Clothing Size: 3-6 month

Diaper Size: Two.

Personality: This girl is so incredibly happy. It is so fun to watch her smile in response to me talking to her. She is just such a blessing to have for a daughter-- so very happy. She likes to be included and wants to always help me with whatever I am doing. She is very patient with Devin and loves him dearly. She puts up with a lot with him carrying her around the house, him helping to change her clothes and diaper-- she just grins. It is like she is saying thank you. She likes being held and snuggled. The only time she really cries is when she is super hungry.

Milestones: She passes things back and forth between her hands. Though she definitely favors her right hand. Sometimes it seems like she waves with her right arm. Jabbers in huge, multi-syllable sentences--she really tells the cutest stories. She can feed herself rice crackers with her pincer grasp. (This is still a work in progress which normally requires me to put the cracker in her hand but occasionally she will pick it up herself.)

Sleeping: Because she does not have a bedroom, she is used to waking up when Casey gets ready for work and he puts her binky in then goes back to sleep. Normally she goes to bed around 10ish and then sleeps until 8ish (with the interruption around 5:30ish). Short morning nap because she would rather be awake playing with Devin. Long afternoon nap. Brief cat nap in the evening.

Eating: She likes eating rice crackers at meal time. And baby food. She loves both sweet potatoes and pears. She has tried so many things and seems to like nearly everything. She is able to gum very soft "real" food like bananas. She normally drinks from her bottle probably 4-6 times a day and has three meals at the table with us. Heidi likes to think she is a big girl and can hold the bottle by herself. 

Communication: I'm trying to teach her baby sign. She has not yet used her first sign yet but I actually think she understands. I know she understands what her bottle is because she makes a cooing/ calming noise when she sees it. Heidi babbles regularly and we have long conversations. She has recently decided that to express happiness you have to "roar." (Devin taught her....) She roars regularly. The two of them will roar and giggle back and forth often.

The hardest part: I hate that she is no longer a baby but is not mobile at all. She knows she wants to participate so she squawks for me to come get her. I'm personally struggling with trying to find a balance with scriptures/ exercise/ chores/ reading to kids/ playing with kids/ meals/ laundry/ field trips/ pumping/ etc. I swear there are not enough hours in the day. Sometimes all of the sudden it will be 11am and we are still in pj's and I feel like I have accomplished nothing. And it is hard not being able to help make her cold go away. This cough and runny nose just keep lasting and it is hard that I can't seem to do anything. (And even with the cold and deep cough--she is still full of smiles!)

My favorite part: I just LOVE being a mommy. It is so hard. The hours put in my job are looooong and constant. But I love it. I love dressing her up--especially in dresses and flowers and tutus and shoes-- and "playing" Mommy. I also love that she is just the happiest little love ever. Her smile and light in her eyes radiates for me (and everyone else/ strangers) to enjoy. This truly is "living {my} dream life."

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Heidi's History: FIVE months


Heidi's Favorite Things: She loves "playing" with or rather "laughing at" Devin. He spins in a circle and she laughs. He makes a funny noise and she laughs. They feed off each other and absolutely love being together. (And speaking of that, Devin takes SUCH good care of her! Seriously. He uses his "motherese" and calms and helps her.) Heidi also likes being included, whether we are eating or doing something as a family, she wants to participate. She wants to always be sitting up and/or standing so she can see what is going on.

Most Memorable Moment(s): Heidi started eating food in the beginning of February. It has been a learning experience for both of us. But she is doing so great! 

Nicknames: Missy Moo, Sweet Pea, Love Bug, Happy Heidi

Dislikes: She is not a big fan of just plain cereal anymore--she likes flavor and variety. She doesn't like being by herself while I am in the other room. 

Clothing Size: 3-6 month

Diaper Size: One.

Personality: Happy!! Like all time time. She smiles the cutest gummy grin at anyone who pays attention to her--this always makes complete strangers thrilled while standing in the check out line. She is very patient and willing to try new things. She is calm and cuddly.

Milestones: She can sit by herself for about 10-15 seconds. It gets better each day. Heidi had a major growth spurt recently and can now stand up in her baby walker. She finally does her baby push-ups and likes to be able to see what is going on around her. She puts all her toys, her fingers, my fingers in her mouth--everything has to be "tasted" now. She can roll and has done so before but doesn't do it often, normally she is just content to just stay where she is and Devin will entertain her. She did roll from her back to tummy a handful of times though. She jabbers and grins and giggles. She "talks" now but definitely no where near as much of a chatterbox as Devin was.

Sleeping: Bedtime around 10. Wakes up around 7:30/ 8. Short morning nap. Long afternoon nap. Short evening nap.

Eating: Her absolute favorite thing is pears. Just pears--not mixed with multiple things. She will keep eating and eating them and has absolutely no self-regulation to stop. Heidi normally eats three meals a day and has her bottle like 6-8 times (I'm not sure how often... when she is hungry.) I have not yet found a food that she hates (including peas but I haven't tried green beans yet).

Communication: Heidi responds to me when I talk to her. Like if I ask her if she wants milk, her cry will change from "help me" to a "cooing" thank you/ yum sound. Normally when I say "bonk" she laughs. She doesn't cry often--really only when she is hungry. But she will whine if she lets lonely.

The hardest part: Time. I don't have enough time to spend with her and Devin and keep up with the house and meals.

My favorite part: I love seeing her smile. And kick her feet. I love that I can comfort her in the middle of the night--this is a love/hate really.