Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Heidi's History: SEVEN Months

Written on May 1st.

I woke up this morning and realized it was May. Then it hit me that it was May FIRST and Heidi was born on the FIRST. Holy cow... somehow overlooked that. And my baby is officially closer to one that to newborn now. I am with her everyday and yet somehow time goes so fast... so different now that I'm a mother instead of a student/ teacher.

And I was just scrolling through my blog so I could copy this to fill it out again. Apparently, "Heidi's History" is the only thing I write anymore.... Someday I will post more. But that someday is not in this stage of life with two little loves. I'm so busy and constantly trying to keep up with Devin.

Love her feet crossed!
Especially love her smile! :D

Heidi's Favorite Things: She loves being able to roll around and get what she wants. She loves sticking everything in her mouth. She loves smiling. She loves Devin--the two are best friends. (Though she gets nervous if he tries to love her too much/ too tight.) She loves sitting up and being able to see.

Most Memorable Moment(s): April 7--Heidi ate peanut butter for the first time. She also drank from a sippy cup. (That was the only day she drank from it because I gave up. About a month earlier, she would eye my water cup as I drank from it. I decided to share. She can drink from normal cups just fine but can't do a sippy.) April 11--Surprise! Heidi barely has a tooth coming through. No complaints on her part and it was a total surprise. Bottom, Center, Right tooth. April 12--Heidi took the Sacrament for the first time. I whispered in her ear to help her remember Jesus. April 16--first French Fry and first pizza bite. She loves french fries!! And loves pepperoni. She can't chew pepperoni very well but don't take it away from her otherwise it is a total meltdown. Also on April 16--Heidi's second tooth just barely broke through the surface. Again no complaints from her. Bottom, Center, Left.

Nicknames: Missy Moo, Happy Heidi (Devin has a new nickname for her practically everyday. Miss Cheeto. Miss Smiles. Miss Train. Princess.)

Dislikes: Getting in her carseat. Once she is in and buckled, it is fine. But Heidi cries during the actual getting in. She doesn't like to be left because she gets lonely. She wants to always be by me/ in a sling or carrier on me. Heidi doesn't like it when Devin's love becomes too much and she gets smothered. 

Clothing Size: Both 3-6 and 6-9 month. Sunday dresses she pretty much has to wear 12 month with a tie waistband because her legs are so long! At her 6 month check up the start of April, she was like 98% for height and around 30% for weight. Tall and skinny.

Diaper Size: Two. She had a killer diaper rash. And I scheduled an appointment to have it checked. No idea what the problem was but we could not get it to go away--even after following every suggestion from the pediatrician. Thankfully one of our dear friends is a pharmacist. He created a diaper rash concoction. Holy cow. The stuff is magic. Diaper rash is gone. Hallelujah!

Personality: She is the happiest little girl. It is just a delight having her smile in our home. She is very patient and puts up with almost everything. She likes to "talk". And she especially uses her voice to growl. Growling is a happy sound that Devin makes to play with her. So my DAUGHTER thinks growling is a natural happy sound.

Milestones: Heidi is officially mobile! Not in the normal sense of crawling. But she can move across the room to go get a toy she wants. She rolls. And then reaches. It is really cute. She is attempting to figure out what to do with her legs/ knees to crawl but more often than not, it is more like an army crawl where she pushes off with her feet and goes forward a tiny bit if she makes any progress with that. Normally it is just rolling. Heidi LOVES waving at people because it gets a response from them. And she loves the attention. It is the sweetest little wave with the most innocent eyes and biggest smile. Total strangers and friends are smitten by her little wave. She can stand by herself when holding onto something--she can't stand up, but can stay standing if I help her get the thing to hold onto. Her pincer grasp is also definitely improving! She attempts to feed herself but it is still a learning process. Sometimes it is pincer and sometimes it is whole fist grab then she wonders where the food went and how to get it in her mouth.

Sleeping: Heidi sleeps through the night. Thank goodness! Down around 9:30-10 and then awake around 7:30. She takes multiple naps during the day--normally after her tummy is full. But they are like cat naps. She is not a good sleeper during the day. I think Devin/ noise wakes her up. She is not grumpy though and her cat naps tide her over until she can sleep longer.

Eating: She eats three meals a day. She loves food that is in a "pouch" like applesauce, yogurt and baby food. She sucks it right out and can eat it quickly. We give her almost everything we are eating. She gums things very well--as long as it is soft. She still "nurses from a bottle" probably 5-6 times a day.

Communication: Heidi's babbles just barely started changing. I don't know how to describe it but it is like pre-talking noises instead of just random chatter. It is like she is trying to make a "tss" sound. She thinks she is talking when she does that. And I respond so it is almost like carrying on a conversation--I just have no idea what we are talking about. Lol. She definitely recognizes ASL for "milk." I keep teaching her. I think she will start using it soon.

The hardest part: Being a mom is hard. I remember that this is what I always wanted when I was growing up. But my dolls never made food disasters in the high chair. And they never rolled around and almost down the stairs. As the dolls got over, they never dumped out all of their toys and then refused to clean up. They never back talked or yelled at me. Somehow, I don't think I was prepared enough for what this real mom job is like. It is hard.
And... pumping is hard. Devin gets into the most trouble/ biggest messes made while I am pumping. I hate it and Devin abuses it.

My favorite part: The smiles. The hugs. The way her eyes light up when she sees me come for her. The knowing how to calm her down. The cute girl dresses. The being a mommy. The goodnight kiss!