Thursday, December 10, 2015


Once upon a time...

There was a girl who loved to write.
She welcomed two Little Loves into the world.
All of the sudden, time for writing became super limited.

As the Little Loves grew, so did the need to keep them entertained.
Instead of blogging, the girl spent her time creating.
Making quiet books and file folder games.
Anything to keep her Little Loves quiet at church.
But the goal was not just to be quiet.
Rather Reverent.
So she wanted to make things that taught about Jesus and the gospel.

One time she decided to donate the quiet books for a charity fundraiser.
They sold out quickly.
And many still wanted a copy.

So the girl decided to open an Esty Shop.
To make the reverent creations available to everyone.
Prices are low.
Coupon codes happen frequently. (Like facebook to see the latest codes!)
Simply because the goal is to help other Little Loves.

Please go check it out.
Favorite the store.
Like it on facebook.
Pin your favorites.
Spread the word.

And the girl hopes to return to blogging. It is a hobby. A place to think. A place to be inspired. A place to remember.
No promises though....