Thursday, July 7, 2016

Prepare and Prevent

Recently, we received a notice on our door stating that our road would be closed for maintenance/ road work. I was confused because as I looked at the road, it looked lovely. The road was in great condition and I honestly had no idea what needed to be fixed.

You see... allow me to introduce you to the roads at our last house. Potholes. Like big enough to swallow your whole tire. Cracks all over the place. The streets were basically never plowed the entire time we lived there. And road maintenance. Ha. That just didn't happen either. And on the slight occasion when it did, the workers seemed to pick their favorites from the solemn course and leave the rest. Serious. The roads were a joke.

1. We had a neighbor that owned a personal snow plow. He was the reason the roads are as good as they were.
2. It is hard to tell... but stare at the road and all the lines in the shadows. They were seriously terrible!
3. The massive snow bank ate part of my dad's truck and Devin was worried!

Now... compare the next picture. I know there are not shadows from the tree or snow... but look at the road. It is SMOOTH!! And this was taken before we were notified that the road needed repairing.

So... why was our new city "fixing" the road when it was already in great shape. And then Casey told me that they are doing the "prepare and prevent" method rather than the "repair and repent." And I thought about that over and over.

Both methods require work. Both require the city to pay the road workers. Our new city required the road being closed and we never had that happen at our last house. In some ways that one day of closure was much more inconvenient than the potholes. Because at least with the potholes, I could still leave my house and not have my car stuck. 

But truly in the long run, one day of dealing with our road being completely closed will be so worth it. The sealant was placed on top. And our road in great shape will continue to remain smooth!

That's really like life. Every choice we make is either keeping our personal road smooth or slowly deteriorating it. And it does require effort on our part to maintain the road but it is so much easier than trying to play catch up later!