Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Choosing Forgiveness

Let's be honest. We live in an imperfect world. With imperfect people. Who sometimes speak without thinking. I have so been there. I think we each have. 

I have wished I could vacuum up my words. I didn't mean them. They were said in the moment. Or without thought. But there is no voice vacuum so instead it is apologies.

And it hurts to be on the receiving end of another's blowup. I have been there too. Recently in fact. Very recent. The words filled with hatred and anger. It brought me to tears. When one's words are unkind and untrue, it hurts. Whether written or spoken. It hurts. Inside my heart. And the sting in my eyes. Words cause pain just as much as sticks and stones. But the pain is less visible to the world. So sometimes one might think they can fling bitter words around because you can't see the wounds to the heart. 


I am choosing to forgive.

Not because apologies were offered. And not because the words shared were true.

Forgiveness does not mean I need to change. It means I need to let go. It means letting the Savior heal my wounded heart. It means moving forward with life.

And it means to not be offended. Even if offence was intended. Forgiveness is moving above.

So I choose to forgive today. And tomorrow. And every day. Because people make mistakes. And I can't tarnish my precious time with their wrong doings.

Also... if I have said something that needs vacuuming up, I offer my sincerest apologies. Life is too short to walk around being bitter. And I sincerely hope I am not the cause of another's tarnish. Please choose to forgive if you have found offence when offence was never intended.

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