Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Enchanted Wedding Dress!

(I LOVE this picture!!)

Last semester in my sewing class, we talked a lot about girly topics--one being describe your dream wedding dress. I would always say that I would just pick something that was cheap and go with that. I honestly didn't care too much. But that answer was not good enough so I was pushed to describe my dream wedding dress if money was not a problem or consideration. Upon being pushed I would always say that I would love to find an "Enchanted" blue curtain dress (at least the style). I don't know why I loved that dress so much but I did and decided that it would be my dream wedding dress (obviously with a higher neckline and all white).

So as I was trying on different wedding dresses, I learned that the "Enchanted" style dress is not really popular right now. I was beginning to like having a wrap around my stomach and found some dresses that were very pretty. But nothing really stood out to me as to being the dress that I had always dreamed of. Casey went with because I valued his opinion. My mom was also there because I realized it is IMPOSSIBLE to get in and out of a wedding dress by yourself. Casey said that I looked beautiful in all of the dresses but there were definitely some that looked much worse than others!

On Aug 11, 2009, we drove down to Provo and were looking at the different dresses down there in University Mall. I was liking some of them and could have been happy but figured it wouldn't hurt to look else where and then come back later if I found nothing better that I liked. (I had also tried on dresses at a different store up in Salt Lake the day before and it was again the same feeling....)

After eating lunch at Magleby's Fresh, we went to Eternity Bridal on Center Street in Provo. I was tired by this point and also not feeling to great from a cold and honestly didn't really want to try on more dresses. But my mom insisted because we were already in Provo. So as I am looking through the dress options available in my size, I see the Enchanted dress. I take it out but don't really think too much about it because I doubted it would fit.

When I came out of the dressing room with my "Enchanted" dress on and saw the mirrors, it was love at first sight! Casey had the same feeling. (He later told me that when he saw me in it his jaw dropped and thought it was gorgeous. :D ) I still wasn't convinced that this was the dress though because it had a agua green center and my dress has to be all white because I want to be able to wear it in the temple. One of the store employees then came and was explaining the dress to me. The aqua part is removable and I can pick any color for it. It also has a matching sash. All of the beading can be done in completely white (the dress I have on has silver accents).

The lady was then having me try on different veils and tiarras and I really felt like a bride with doing that. After awhile she asked me if I wanted to try on other dresses and I simply said "No!" I had fallen in love with this dress and was content to not try on any other dresses. After thinking about it for a little while, we decided that this was my perfect dress and bought it. They are making a few alterations to my dress--hunter green inserts, all white beading, no buttons down the back, and a higher neckline (so I feel more comfortable).

This just seems to be one of the tender mercies from the Lord. I love the dress and even better was that it was cheaper then all of the other dresses I had previously tried on. I feel so blessed to have found exactly what I wanted--even when I didn't think I would ever find it because this style is not supposed to be popular right now. I felt like a princess and I am so excited for MY dress to come into the store (it is being special made right now--which I like too because some of the dresses I had tried on had snags and stains and etc and the stores only sold dresses off the rack).

(This shows the front and back of the dress pretty well... I seriously love mirrors!)

(This is with the color inserts and sash on--I think normally both of the sash ties would go in the back but I wanted to make sure it could be seen for the picture!)

(I was exhausted after trying on all of the dresses--they are seriously HEAVY! But I greatly enjoyed having Casey with me!! :D )

(This was in the dressing room after we decided to buy this dress. I hope that we can find mirrors for our wedding pictures because I love them!!!)

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