Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Best Day of My Life! :D

I realize that it has been almost forever since either of us updated this thing... Life just became so busy trying to plan for our wedding. And also because I (Lisa) was living in Provo and Casey was in Salt Lake my time became filled. When I was in Provo, I would be constantly working on homework (or talking to Casey on the phone) so when I was in Salt Lake we could be together.

We both celebrated our birthdays. Mine was on Sunday General Conference. We were blessed to obtain tickets and went downtown to the Conference Center to watch it live. We rode TRAX. Casey matched his tie to my dress and I thought it was cute! :D For Casey's birthday, we celebrated by watching "Up." We also ate a lot of Halloween candy (seeing how both Halloween and his birthday are the same day). We both also had birthday cake and candles... neither of us think that we will ever be too old for that celebration.

As our wedding approached, all of the plans began to fit nicely into place. All except my wedding dress.... That became an ongoing battle. When I ordered my dress, it was special made to have all white beading so I could wear it through the temple. However, when the dress arrived, it had silver thread. The company tried to make another one before the wedding. But the problem was that the dress was coming from China. It obviously didn't get here in time and at first I was crushed! But, it ended up working out perfectly! :) I was given a gorgeous temple dress for free. The temple dress was designed after my wedding dress so both look very similar. It was not what I planned but it worked out great because I can now always wear the dress I was married in. :D

Our wedding day was so absolutely amazing!! :D!!! I slept very little the night before because I was so excited to be sealed for time and all eternity to my best friend. I had always dreamed of marrying Casey and I could hardly believe that we were actually going to be husband and wife very soon. Around 4:30/ 5 am -ish, I was so excited that I started jumping up and down. I was trying to control my excitement but was failing miserably. I woke up my family--fortunately, they were all understanding.

Going to the Salt Lake Temple was everything I had dreamed it would be and more. It is so beautiful and I felt like a princess. There were 50 other couples married on our wedding day. The temple was very crowded with brides everywhere. I had to do my makeup in a small (but still very elegant) room because it was so busy. But none of this mattered to me because I was getting married!! :D

The ceremony itself was very short but so wonderful. It is amazing to think that a few simple words literally changed my life forever! As we shared our first kiss as husband and wife and then exchanged rings, I could hardly believe it. I thought I would be crying but I wasn't.... I was so filled with love and with light!! Casey and I had made a goal to be so worthy that we would be filled with the Holy Ghost. I feel like we accomplished this goal!

And a huge tender mercy for our wedding day was the weather. It was supposed to be snowing and really bad. But, the precipitation waited for a day and it was practically perfect for taking pictures--cold but not unbearable.

(Please note: we are still waiting for our wedding pictures by the photographer. I will upload those pictures when we get them!)

We celebrated with our wedding breakfast at the Old Spahagetti Factory.

The reception was held later that night at my ward building. The day was so much of a happy blur. By the time the reception ended though, I was completely exhausted!! We enjoyed cutting our pumpkin cake and feeding it to each other. Our wedding song was "Lucky" and we danced to it under the mistletoe. I threw the bouquet and Casey threw my garter.

The whole day was practically perfect and honestly the best day of my life! :D So much changed but it is only for the better!! I love being given Casey's last name and beginning our lives together. I know that there will ups and downs in marriage but our goal is to have more ups than downs. I believe this will happen because we will make our lives be filled with ups. It is just amazing to be married to my best friend!!

For our honeymoon, we went to Logan, UT and had a very relaxing time. We went to the Nutcracker Ballet to celebrate our one week anniversary. The ballet company did a very good job. My favorite part was at the end though when I realized that Casey would not have to drop me off and say good bye at the end of our date. I think this is one of my favorite parts about being married--saying goodnight instead of goodbye.

I love Casey so eternally much and am so excited to spend our lives together forever!