Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Things I Have Learned to Share...

I was thinking about the things I have learned to share since getting married 4 months ago.

  • The bed (though Casey might suggest that I still have a lot to learn)
  • The closet (but I'm pretty sure that I have way more clothes and definitely more shoes...)
  • The best leftovers (I heard a quote once from a little kid that said that he knew his mommy loved his daddy because mommy always gave daddy the best piece of chicken... I have tried to implement this!)
  • The hot water (this always proves to be interesting when I shower after Casey has)
  • The checking account (its interesting trying to create a budget together
  • The Wii Fit (so easy to hog in the morning because it is so fun but...)
  • The chores (never realized how much work goes into running a house!)
  • The blame (if something goes wrong, it is normally not just one person's fault...)
  • The planning (definitely needed if you want to get anything done!) 
  • The Success (coming home to your best friend every night is the best)
  • The list goes on...
So obviously neither of us are perfect sharers yet but we are learning together one day at a time!  And really when I think about it... the thing that I have learned to share the most is LOVE!  It is amazing to watch this grow everyday and our marriage/ friendship/ love is so much stronger now than it was 4 months ago!  (And that is the goal for the future too!!) <3