Sunday, May 23, 2010

Celebrating the first 6 months of Eternity

Casey planned a surprise date to celebrate our 6 month wedding anniversary.  I was so excited for the surprise part because I don't think I have ever been on completely surprise date.  When Casey left for school, he gave me a few instructions.  They were (1) wear a purple dress--meaning that he was wearing his purple tie that we bought on our honeymoon and he wanted to match, (2) bring the temple bags with me--this was an obvious clue as to what we would be doing.  Sidenote: going to the temple is definitely on my top favorite list for activities to do with Casey. (3) pick him up after his classes ended and (4) we would not be home until late.

So to begin our date, we headed up to Salt Lake and were able to go back inside the Salt Lake Temple!  Neither of us had been inside that temple since the day we were married so it was awesome to be able to go back! :)  While we were still in the temple, Casey and I were able to sit and ponder on the same couch that we waited before we were married.  It was definitely a sweet moment!

Our next place in the surprise date was to take pictures outside of the temple.  It was raining a lot this day but we lucked out that it was not down pour raining while we were taking pictures.  Most of the ones we took were not that great because Casey had to hold the camera because there were very few passerbyers with grey skies.

Our next adventure was to eat dinner at the Garden.  We have a perfect window seat and it was nice to be able to stare at the temple or Casey's eyes practically the entire dinner.  I had an Asian salad of some sorts and it was absolutely delicious but so incredibly huge!!  Casey ended up eating part of mine because we knew that we would not have anything to do with our leftovers.  At this point, I didn't know what we were doing after diner but simply that we were doing something that would not allow us to take food in with us.  Casey had shrimp and mahi-mahi.  It was also delightful but had a bit of strong kick to it.  Casey likes food spicier than I do and he loved it.
While we were eating diner, our waiter asked us what else we were going to be doing this evening.  Casey then spilled the beans and announced that we had tickets reserved to go to the Conference Center Little Theater and watch the BYU Young Ambassadors.  I was really excited because I don't remember ever watching them perform before but have heard quite a lot about them.  I did think it was slightly funny that we are from Provo and travel up to Salt Lake to watch a BYU production.  It was a great show and we had really good seats--I was on the edge of the lower/ slanted balcony and a head-free view.

By the time we got home, it was after 11 pm and we were both completely exhausted.  I was eager for Casey to open the door and see the surprise that I had left him.  He had no idea that I had done anything but was very much appreciative once he saw it.  On the floor with Hershey Hugs (we both love white chocolate!) I made a love trail...
It led to our bedroom and waiting in front of Casey's pillow was...
One of his favorite cereals and a cute card that took me a very LONG time to make on the computer.

We both had such a wonderful day and are so deeply grateful to be married for forever.  It really is the greatest blessing knowing that we are married not only for this life but sealed for all of the eternities to come!

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