Monday, June 28, 2010

Manti & Miracles

This past weekend Casey and I decided to go watch the Mormon Miracle Pageant in Manti, Utah.  He had never seen the production before and I am pretty sure the last time I saw it, I was in high school with my ward's youth conference. 
We were able to go inside and do work for some of our ancestors.  I have decided the biggest blessing in my life is to be worthy to attend the temple, no matter where we are traveling.  All of the temples perform the same work inside however, they do not all look the same.  This temple was built by the pioneers and is *GORGEOUS*!!!!  Seriously!  It still looks like pioneer times too.  If anyone reading my blog has not been to this temple, highly recommended!!!
For dinner, we went back to Ephraim and ate at Fat Jack's Pizza.  Probably some of the best pizza I have ever had.  Unfortunately, because it is so delicious (and greasy--the real reason!) Casey had heartburn.  I am truly grateful to live in a day with modern conveniences (such as medicine and air conditioning!)  I was nervous going back down to Sanpete Valley because I hadn't been there for a while but it worked out very well.
We forgot our camera inside the temple.  In any other temple, we would have simply gone back in, shown them our recommend and gotten it.  However, the temple closed as we were leaving in order to prepare for the pageant.  So we called and arranged to have the camera taken to the east side so we could pick it up after dinner.  We had problems convincing the security guard of this because by the time we arrived back in Manti, only people performing in the pageant were allowed on the upper part of the temple grounds.  Finally after insisting (and begging) we were granted access to get our camera back.  This in and of itself was a miracle for us.  I really did not want to have to drive back down there this week to go get it!!
While we were waiting for the pageant to start, Casey worked on writing his English paper.  But we were also able to meet some of the cast members.  I have no idea who any of these people are but all of them agreed for me to post their pictures to our blog! :)
The Lamanite (on my right) has super cool makeup!  But since it was dark and they were up on the temple hill (we even had close seats) we couldn't see any of the painting details during the show.
Ignore the "sun" glow.  As soon as it began to get dark, they turned on these super bright spotlights.  The temple was still beautiful though! :)  And while we were waiting for it to start, the kids both in front and behind us were very comical!!!  The ones in front were wild, crazy and violent--made me question the parenting style.  The ones behind were trying desperately hard to see and kept kicking our chairs.
This was right before the pageant started and after the spotlight was dimmed.  I *love* it!  
We really enjoyed going together and experiencing our own many miracles!  I even learned that Casey's lap makes a great pillow! LoL!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

So Worth the Drive!! (SLC Temple Model)

On May 28th, the LDS newsroom announced a "Scaled Model Provides Salt Lake Temple Open House Experience" and I have been anxiously awaiting until the day when we could go see it! :)  Yesterday we went up to Salt Lake for Casey to sign a paper and the rode TRAX downtown.  The model is *amazing* and there is also a video behind it briefly explaining the rooms.  I would highly recommend this to everyone--including those who are not LDS.  It is a great learning opportunity to see into the building and to understand briefly about the special purpose of it.  The model is located in the South Visitor Center on Temple Square.  The pictures we took are not the best but more for our memory!  Please see the link above to view excellent pictures!

(This is the West side of the model.  
The "alcove" above my shoulder is where we stood to have several wedding pictures taken!)
(Gotta love the reflection...  The temple is so gorgeous and the detail is extremely accurate!  
I loved being able to see the 4th & 5th (I think...) floors because I have never seen it...)
(The walking around the rest of the visitor center right now, there are exhibits 
explaining how the temple was built and showing drafts and blue-prints and also 
cutting the granite, etc.  I loved this picture of the temple--although the picture 
isn't the greatest because it was at an awkward angle to take.)
(Of course we had to go take a picture in front of the real thing now!  
We were slightly in a hurry and having problems trying to take a 
self-portrait picture while using my camera phone. 
 I just love being here... especially with my sweetheart!)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Blessings of Service!

Yesterday and today, BYU is hosting the State FACS Conference.  Teachers from the entire state come and go to workshops and hear speakers.  Next summer, I will be attending it for reals because it is one way that I can help to renew my teaching license....  (Crazy that I don't even have that thing yet but I am still figuring out ways how I can keep it current!)

Anyway, I volunteered to take a group of teachers to the BYU Preschool where someone would meet us and then take us on a tour of the preschool.  Well, the lady in charge of the entire conference saw me volunteering and decided that she wanted to give me a meal card for my efforts.  I was very grateful and completely surprised.  

So, I took all of the teachers over to the JFSB and learned some interesting things--like the carpet can peel away so it is super easy to wash and the building is made of this really expensive Italian stone.  Unfortunately, the 5 year old building is already beginning to crumbled because the stones are really porous and when water/ ice get in there, it then makes them crack.

The girl who was supposed to do the afternoon tour to the BYU clothing preservation never showed up.  So I went on that one as well.  It was really cool because we had to travel off main campus in the BYU vans and I finally learned what the mystery building was near University Ave. and 2300 N.  We were able to see a wedding dress that was from 1805 and tons of hats from the 1900s-1950s.  I wish there would have been more time to open up lots of the boxes and see more items.

Last night, Casey and I shared my generous reward by going out to eat at the Creamery on 9th.  We both had bacon, cheeseburgers and shared spicy fries and only paid 7 CENTS!!  I know normally the blessings from service are not normally so obvious but last night, we were both deeply grateful.  (And BTW: the hamburgers and fries were delicious!!  I think we might go back in the future sometime and definitely recommend it to others!!!)