Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Blessings of Service!

Yesterday and today, BYU is hosting the State FACS Conference.  Teachers from the entire state come and go to workshops and hear speakers.  Next summer, I will be attending it for reals because it is one way that I can help to renew my teaching license....  (Crazy that I don't even have that thing yet but I am still figuring out ways how I can keep it current!)

Anyway, I volunteered to take a group of teachers to the BYU Preschool where someone would meet us and then take us on a tour of the preschool.  Well, the lady in charge of the entire conference saw me volunteering and decided that she wanted to give me a meal card for my efforts.  I was very grateful and completely surprised.  

So, I took all of the teachers over to the JFSB and learned some interesting things--like the carpet can peel away so it is super easy to wash and the building is made of this really expensive Italian stone.  Unfortunately, the 5 year old building is already beginning to crumbled because the stones are really porous and when water/ ice get in there, it then makes them crack.

The girl who was supposed to do the afternoon tour to the BYU clothing preservation never showed up.  So I went on that one as well.  It was really cool because we had to travel off main campus in the BYU vans and I finally learned what the mystery building was near University Ave. and 2300 N.  We were able to see a wedding dress that was from 1805 and tons of hats from the 1900s-1950s.  I wish there would have been more time to open up lots of the boxes and see more items.

Last night, Casey and I shared my generous reward by going out to eat at the Creamery on 9th.  We both had bacon, cheeseburgers and shared spicy fries and only paid 7 CENTS!!  I know normally the blessings from service are not normally so obvious but last night, we were both deeply grateful.  (And BTW: the hamburgers and fries were delicious!!  I think we might go back in the future sometime and definitely recommend it to others!!!)

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Kyley Brooks said...

I was hoping Pearl would give you a meal card! And, sorry about the girl never showing up - she e-mailed the club 8 hours after the tour and said she couldn't make it. We really appreciated having you help! Thanks so much!