Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Busy Days with HUGE Blessings!

There have been so many wonderful things happen this week! :D  I honestly can't believe that it is only Wednesday because that means that there is another half week to go of amazing blessings.  But for now, I want to focus on what has meant so much to me!!

*My car, Cami, obtained only minor injuries from the hit and run she was involved with sometime during the night.  We are honestly so grateful that the car was not hit worse than it was.  
*Also, some more blessings is that I drove the car the day before and then we drove it to church so we could prove it was the previous night.
*And we were able to attend our entire Church meetings and file the police report after!

*I was able to take bridal pictures in the morning!  (Note:  I imagine everyone has already heard this story... but just in case... I picked up my wedding dress the day before our wedding because it was made wrong and then stuck in customs.  I was never able to take them before our wedding because my dress was literally stuck in China!)  They turned out beautifully!  My cousin did them and she is *amazing*!  If anyone needs a good photographer, let me know!!!  (BTW:  I will hopefully post some more of my favorite bridals later...)
*My mom took me shopping after my bridals and we were so deeply grateful!  
*My little sister came and spent the night with us and it was fun to see her!
*We had ward FHE and popsicles! :)  I found my favorite flavor--rootbeer!

*We had a wonderful institute lesson!
*Nothing broke when our kitchen shelves fell (Casey put an opened box of Graham Crackers on it... makes me wonder what is in the crackers... hee,hee,hee).  We had a tile quote plaque on there as well as some candles, toaster oven, etc and nothing broke!  I was especially grateful for the tile!
*Our room was cold while we slept.  (Normally I wake up sweating so this was a nice change!!!)

*I dropped my sister, Julie, off at the space center in Pleasant Grove and then had some spare time before my interview.  Julie walked me around all of the space ships and then I was in the command room for awhile
*My second interview at Stevens-Henager College as at 10 am.  I thought it went REALLY well and was certain I would be hired soon.
*My back was adjusted by the chiropractor and wow did it feel really good!  (Maybe too good... I might be addicted... LoL!)
*At 3:26 pm, I missed a call (at the chiropractor).  When I checked my voicemail, it was from the person who interviewed me stating that I am officially hired and they would like to have me come fill out the paperwork tomorrow morning!!!!!!! :D  Seriously, this is the biggest blessing for us because I have been applying for jobs since March!  And the great news is that this will turn into a full-time job once I graduate from BYU!! YEAH!!! :D  I keep jumping up and down and squealing!
*Casey and I are going to go out for ice cream to celebrate the end of my job hunting!

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Cami said...

Woah, your car's name is Cami? People have told me their dog's name is Cami, but a car? That's new! Cool.