Thursday, July 15, 2010

one year ago...

Some of you might be wondering what I was doing one year ago today... seems like a legit question right?!  

Well, since you asked... 

One year ago today, I was at EFY and was walking well over 4 miles a day.  My poor ankles couldn't take the impact.  I was granted a short leave in order to go run and buy some ankle supports.  This leave turned out to be a huge blessing in disguise!

EFY kept me so busy that I had very little time to talk to Casey.  We talked as much as we could on the phone but it wasn't very much or was super late at night.  Nearly the entire time that I left on my leave (to Walgreen's) I was talking to Casey.  

He asked me a very important question... we had a DTR over the phone... LoL!  It was hard though because I was gone for whole weeks at a time.  Anyway, I bet you can already guess but one year ago today, Casey and I officially began dating!!!  

Funny sidenote:  When I left for EFY on Sunday (just a few days before we were officially dating), I started crying because I didn't want to leave Casey.  It was tragic!  I hadn't been homesick for since I was a young teenager but now as I was leaving, I was Caseysick!!! :(  The picture posted below was taken a week or so earlier while we went on a picnic!  My mom printed it for me from her computer because I was so Caseysick and put it in a frame.  I kept that on my dresser that week and it still sits on our computer desk today! :)

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