Saturday, August 28, 2010

Casey's First Impressions... (written by Lisa)

I seriously *love* that I married a computer genius!!!  I set a password on my little netbook computer.  Starting next week, it is going to be trooping back and forth to school with me and I wanted to make it so my students couldn't just use or touch it.  Well, I am sure that I knew what my password was but there was no way it was logging me in.  :(  I didn't know what to do and Casey was gone doing laundry!  (He really is AMAZING!!!)  Luckily for me, he knows how to hack into the computer and reset the password.  It only took about 1-2 hours but hey at least we are able to recover my computer!! :)  Thanks sweetheart! <3
at the desktop
With other news, Casey seems to have enjoyed his first (half) week of school.  He is already swimming through homework!  And beginning on Monday, I will be joining him....  He really seems to like his "Information Systems and Technology" class as well as "Web Design Application."  It always is such a relief to be able to take classes you enjoy instead of just chugging through generals.  

Side note:  I remember one time in my class the teacher wanted to know why we were taking the class and when I said it was required for my major he just blew me off like it was a have to class.  The teacher didn't get it though--just because it was required for my major does not mean that I was in the class by force!  I picked my major and enjoyed (most) of the classes required.

Anyway, back to Casey.  He says his Ethics and Values class is kind of interesting.  The teacher is bright, cheerful and on the ball.  He says the first day of class she decided that she wanted all 40 desks to be turned into a huge circle.  Casey says that experience was very interesting because it was a very small classroom and it was rather difficult to cram all of the desks into the circle.  He says her notes/ papers are like staring at Greek and a lot of his classmates were lost when trying to decipher the code.

Now onto his biology class.  Biology classes are known for being extremely difficult on campus.  His textbook even looks intimidating....  Casey has decided that he can NOT miss this class if he wants to pass.  Just looking at the syllabus, I tend to agree.  Here is to hoping that we will not collect any of the sharing cold germs this season!!!  His biology teacher is a Veteran and Casey views him as a grumpy, impatient person but is grateful for the jokes he cracks.

When Casey speaks about his Information Systems class, even though he has only attended class once, his voice lifts and his eyes begin to sparkle again.  I guess anything is more interesting than biology....  He first impression of the teacher was that he is great and seems fit for the job.  Casey appreciated that he is in-touch with technology--we would hope so since that is what the class!  He is anticipating the work load to be challenging but is looking forward to learning a lot along the way.

The web design class has an interesting yet delightful teacher.  Casey had a really hard time coming up with a way to describe her.  She is very up-to-date with the internet and therefore a great teacher for the class.  She has not taught in person for awhile because she was only teaching online sections but Casey thinks it should work out.  He is already certain that he will enjoy it and he is grateful that it won't be quite as challenging as the other computer class.

Casey is also taking a Book of Mormon institute class this semester.  I was able to go with him to class on the first day of school.  I am slightly sad that I won't be able to return again throughout the semester but oh well....  I was impressed by the preparation this teacher had spent--and it was only the first day.  He jumped right in with both feet.  He had a great teaching method for playing a game with the students on the first day.  It was a great ice breaker and I may copy his strategy here soon.  Casey was surprised to see how small the class was when we walked in but loves the teacher's strong testimony!

This semester is going to be a learning one for the both of us, that is already certain.  But thankfully, we are in this together and I know we will survive.  I truly am thankful that this is our first and last semester with us both going full time!  Even that will be a learning curve for us... but with the Lord's help, we know all things are possible!!!
studying at his "office"
P.S. I love his widows desktop!!!  And he has a picture of me
(hard to see but its a bridal picture in the frame) next to him!! :)

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