Saturday, August 14, 2010

Graduation! :D

At Commencement:
The Processional March!  I was lucky to be able to sit on the front row!
This picture just makes me laugh with my mom taking it on her phone at the same time!
My Family! :)
With my parents.  Both are BYU graduates themselves--my dad with his Masters!
Giving my Stole of Gratitude to my mom!  She has supported me so much during my college experience!!!
awh!!!  I love this picture!
Placing the Stole of Gratitude around my dad.  (My parents are sharing the same stole.)  I am very thankful for all of my dad's help!  He has sacrificed a lot by helping to pay for my schooling!
Placing my second stole around my husband's neck.  If you look at previous pictures with me wearing the stole, you can only see one.  That is correct because I wore this one under my robe so it would be next to my heart!  <3  Casey has been a huge support in my life throughout all of my college--his weekly letters while he was on a mission meant so much but coming home to him every night now means so much more! :)

At Convocation:
Walking into Convocation.  I liked sitting on the floor so much better!!!  While looking at the picture, the girl to my right (her head is half way shown) is the only person that I really knew that was graduating.  We had several classes together and will both be student teaching in the fall.
Casey went early to save seats and ended up sitting directly behind me!  It worked out great for taking pictures and sending love messages back and forth! ;)
Walking across the stage as my name was read.  The School of Family life is the largest school in the university.  I think 1 in 10 (though it might have been 1 in 4, I don't remember!) BYU graduates come from SFL.
Walking off the stage.
Casey was waiting at the bottom in a roped off area and taking these pictures.  My favorite part was Casey kissing me as I walked towards him!! :)
Family and Friends.  Both my mom and Casey are wearing the Stoles today.
With my family minus my Aunt.  She had to leave immediately following the ceremony.  I was so grateful that she came!!!
With my Mother-in-Law and Aunt.
With my best friend from college!!!  Hannah is *amazing* and I hope that we will be best friends forever!  She has been a huge support in my life too--either as we studied together for several different tests or hanging out or talking on the phone of etc!  My life would be seriously lonely without her!!!
With my grandma!  She is a BYU graduate too in Elementary Education!!!  I'm carrying on the tradition with being an education major! :)
With my siblings!  (Yes, my brother really is that tall!!!)
With my sweet (and super handsome!) husband!!!
My parents gave me some beautiful roses!!!  When I saw them, I started grinning! :)  My favorite roses are the small yellow ones with red tips (my mom knows that) but she wanted to get some red ones too and then she liked all of the variety of colors so I ended up with a super beautiful bouquet!  I love looking at all of the flowers (and smelling them too!!) on our table now and hope that they will last for a long time!

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Andre said...

Well done. We are proud of you and what you have done to get to this point! Love always, Dad