Sunday, August 1, 2010

one decision = eternal happiness

Just a little over a year ago, I made one of the best decisions of my life when Casey asked me to be his bride.  I always said that I wanted to marry my best friend but I never dreamed that it would be as wonderful as this.  One decision changed my life forever... literally, forever!  We are now working together towards Eternity! :)

Today, we taught the first lesson in the Sunday School manual.  It was interesting for us trying to come up with something different to teach because it was the same lesson that we taught earlier this summer.  We are teaching the Marriage and Family relations class and since there are only 16 lessons, it repeats rather often.  This week, I have been thinking a lot about D&C 132 and it fit so perfectly with the lesson.  I am pretty sure this section is on my top favorite list now of scriptures, especially verse 20 (but 19 is needed for a basic understanding of the blessings and promises found in 20).  It is wonderful and filled with so much hope and potential.  We talked in class today about how it is not enough to be worthy to go to the temple on just your wedding day but something you need to be worthy of everyday of your life.  We both keep working hard at life and dealing with the challenges.  The trials are not easy but the reward is great and worth any sacrifice.

I am really grateful for the opportunity that Casey and I have had to teach together to begin our marriage.  We have learned so much from the experience.  We have such different teaching styles and ideas but this has really taught us how to cooperate and adapt.  I have really learned that there is not a right way to teach a lesson, just countless different ways.  I am very grateful to have Casey's support and to be able to hold his hand during our lessons while we are teaching.  I don't know if we will ever have this opportunity again so we try to take advantage of it while we can.

Returning to the Provo Temple yesterday was lovely.  There is new carpet and color scheme and I personally think it looks more heavenly.  It was also nice resting on the brand new furniture!  It was so comfortable yet kind of strange not having well worn cushions.

I love the pink roses!!!  They are gorgeous and line the sidewalk!

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