Sunday, August 8, 2010

a simple reminder

While sitting down to our romantic dinner tonight, I was reminded of why I fell madly in love with Casey from the time we first met in Jr. High.  (Although, while we were in Jr. & Sr. High, I would never have said I loved him--"we were just best friends!")  Casey was willing to go the extra mile and set the table with our romantic cups and fancy napkins.  And dinner was delicious!  We had pork steaks, loaded sweet potatoes, green beans and fresh bread.  Although the table was beautiful and the food was great, my love reminder is much deeper than this.  It came from listening to him talk!  He is such a spiritual giant and I *love* that!!!  He was telling me of his conviction to keep the Sabbath Day holy, even while he was young.  I am so blessed to be sealed to such an amazing man for eternity!!! :D

AND... after our romantic dinner finished (it becomes romantic if we get out a certain cup... LoL!), Casey danced with me in the living room even though he greatly dislikes it!  I love it though and because he loves me, we "go" dancing every once in a while.
This was our first date--Sadie Hopkins, sophomore year!

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