Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Perfect Team

When Casey and I were sophomores in high school, we worked together to create a PowerPoint presentation for our math class.  Our teacher (who we are both still friends with today—we are now on a first name basis… weird, huh?!) was one of the few to have a laptop lab in his class.  Now it is like a standard but clear back in the day ;) it was a rarity.  In order to keep the lab, he was required to have a student project in the school technology fair.  When he assigned everyone the project to make a slideshow with a partner, we had no idea that his whole motive was to have something in the school fair.  We didn’t even know the school had a fair!

Well, we went way beyond and above the required assignment—with animated pictures and timed sound clips.  We just assumed that everyone was making a PP just like ours.  Wrong-o!  My mom told us once that we made a great team because I have artistic talents and Casey is blessed with technical talents.  So together, it looked visually pleasing with color coordination and patterns.  I designed it and would pick the colors and show how I wanted things to be laid out on the paper.  Casey then took my ideas from paper and talk and made them happen on the computer.  Without the other person, we never would have won because Casey needed me to make it look pretty and I need him to make it techy.

Long story short, we entered the school fair and won (hand’s down) and were able to compete at the district fair.  After showing it too all of the judges and visitors and then waiting for the results, we placed first!  We won “gold” medals, a plaque (someday, I will have to share the hilarious story of this plaque!) and our teacher won a projector for his classroom.  He was one of the only ones with a projector—and now I don’t know how to teach without it!!
Ignore the sticker at the bottom--it says "Partner in Crime"
I scanned this from my scrapbook.
This was at the District Technology Fair.
The man with a beard was our teacher and now good friend.
Anyway… whether it was our sophomore year of high school or today—we still make the perfect team!  As you have been watching some changes to our blog, it is still the same combination today as it was then.  I design it and make it cute and he makes it work! 

For example:
  • Blog name—her.  Owning the address—him.
  • Designing a Value billboard—her.  Making the billboard fit in the required space—him.
  • Drawing the button/ sticker—her.  Taking the paper doodles to computer animations—him. (check back for this SOON!  We are still working on putting it together.)
  • Creating a homepage for our address—him.  Choosing the colors and fonts—her.
See what I mean… he is techy and I’m creative and together we are like peanut butter and jelly!  So much better together—perfect for one another.  I love that although we are going on only our second year of marriage, we are in our 9th year of being best friends and working together on projects. :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Living Our Dream Life

His Dream + Her Dream = Our Dream
Our dreams have come together forever; follow us as we live the life we dreamed of before.

His Dream:
Since Casey was a young boy in primary, he has always dreamed of being able to serve a full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  If you asked him where he wanted to serve, his answer was always, "Wherever the Lord wants to send me!"  Before his mission, he faced some minor set backs as his mission papers were lost and faced minor medical problems.  But he persisted an was called to serve in the Virginia Richmond Mission.  His life and countless others were blessed forever.  After two years, he was honorably released and lived his dream.
To learn a little more about His Dream read "Remembering the Welcome Home" or "Welcome Home Pres. Millburn!"

Her Dream:
My first semester at Brigham Young University, I announced constantly how I was living my dream life.  I had always wanted to attend BYU and after some major hiccups in my life, I was finally able to make it.  I had a really late class that first semester and several of my peers would always complain about the time but to me it was a gift because I was finally living my dream--I was actually a student at BYU!  This dream continued to get better as I recently graduated from BYU!  There really was a time when I didn't think this would ever be possible but I fought all the odds against me and did it!  I am a now Cougar Alumni.
To learn a little more about Her Dream read "Graduation!," "3rd Generation BYU Alumni," and "Dream to Graduate--Meet Reality."

Our Dream:
Just over 15 months ago, (November 2009) we started living our dream together when we were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple for time and all eternity.  We both dreamed of marrying our best friend (though we have not always realized we were the other person's best friend).  We both always knew that we wanted to be married in a temple by the right authority so it would be bound both on heaven on earth.  Since our wedding, not a day has gone past where we aren't grateful for the covenant we both entered into with the Lord.
To learn a little more about how our dream life started read "Best Friend to Boyfriend," "The Meaning of Ice Cream," and "Every Kiss Begins with Kay."
To learn a little more about the day our dreams were united forever read "The Best Day of My Life," "One Decision = Eternal Happiness," and watch the short version of our wedding video at "One Year Later."

Although life is hard to predict, we are now LIVING OUR DREAM LIFE together as we experience it day by day.  We have no way of knowing what the future will hold but we know that our dreams will always be together.

Friday, February 25, 2011

My Role Model (at least one of them)

The other day I while I was listening to the Mormon Channel, I heard the program Conversations featuring Elder and Sister Holland.

It is my dream to be just like Elder Holland when we grow up!

"And at the end of the day, we're just absolutely madly, wildly, deliriously 
in love with each other." –Elder Holland
Don't they just look like they still completely in love??
–And you want to know what... at the end, beginning, and middle I am 300% completely, absolutely, entirely, totally in love with my best friend!
I love you forever!!
P.S. it was so hard to not smoosh our faces together.
We kept trying but the photographer would make us separate...
This is as close as we got!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Life in the Singles Ward

Going to church today proved to be interesting....  
(Be warned: this post is long but rather funny!!)

Allow me to start this story at the beginning! :)  We found out yesterday that the church building we normally meet in had flooded.  One of the fire sprinkler pipes froze (they think Thursday night) and then Friday when it warmed up, the pipe broke.  Needless to say about 3/4 of the building (keep in mind it is a double chapel) was covered in 1-2" of water.  They have brought in an emergency restoration team to dry everything out.

Well, today our whole stake was shipped out to surrounding wards.  We were all sent to the double chapels up by Costco.  Half of the stake went to the South building and half to the North building.  Each ward was then divided in half (we were split alphabetically) between the two chapels in each building.

We arrived to church early because we didn't know how long it would take--and we were told that if the parking lot was full, we would have to park at Costco and walk.  That would take some serious time so we left really early.  We fortunately found a parking place as someone left which made it so we were about 15-20 minutes early.  

We see some of our friends and kind of clump together not sure if we really should be going in the chapel.  We were greeted by our Bishop and knew we were in the right place.  It was a comfort to see him!  So all of us sit together at the back of the chapel.  Before the meeting started (I know... I should be more reverent!!) I am turned around talking with a friend and not paying attention to how people are coming in the building.  As the meeting is starting, I see two guys come in together and I assume that the ward we are visiting must have missionaries.  They turned away from me before I could see their missionary tags.  Ok cool... the ward has missionaries.

Well... as the meeting is actually starting, I realize that there are a lot of girls all sitting together.  Weird.  But I don't really think much about it because I assume that the girls' husbands must be passing the sacrament and they all were just talking before the meeting.  One of the announcements was telling everyone where the mother's nursing lounge was.  It was in room 109.  Ok obviously room 109 is not always used as a nursing lounge but apparently there were way more mothers in that building then the regular nursing lounge could handle so they created another one.  No big deal.

Then the counselor presiding (again something weird--he is grey haired.  All of our counselors in the married ward come from our ward.  I can't figure out why they didn't call members of the married ward we were visiting to be the Bishopric counselors but whatever.  I didn't stress it too much!) then starts reading off the announcements.  Our hosting ward was having a break-the-fast today.  I was SO jealous thinking this was the coolest married ward ever!  I was hoping some one in our ward was taking notes of their sweet ward activity and to keep doing it in our married ward too.

Sacrament meeting continues--just like normal.  I loved being able to take the Sacrament no matter where we were.  It didn't matter that we weren't in our building--the gospel was still the same and I loved it!  One interesting thing was our Bishop and Stake President were sitting on the stand.  But our Stake President wasn't presiding--the Bishop of the ward hosting us was presiding.  It was an interesting thing to watch.

Ok another weird moment.  After the Sacrament was over, the guys passing it didn't go sit back with all the girls at the front.  Then I saw the girl, who was leading the music, smile at a guy when she walked off the stand and then not sit by him.  What on earth?!  Why are you flirting with someone who isn't your spouse???  At this point, I still honestly thought that we were in a married student ward, like us.  Reasons for my way of thinking: (1) all of the student wards meet on campus, (2) we passed like 15+ churches but obviously none of them were married student wards, (3) the thought of being in a single's ward never crossed my mind.

Well, finally it is time for the sharing of testimonies and the counselor conducting starts off.  He is talking about how he loves sharing his testimony and he only gets to every 3 months now.  Then he is talking about his mission and how he always shared his testimony then.  I don't really remember everything but somewhere along the lines he talks about how grateful he is to be serving in the Single's Ward.  WHAT??!!!  I practically blurt out (trying to whisper) "We're in a Single's Ward?!?! Well, that explains why no one is sitting together!"  The guy next to Casey practically started laughing and he whispered to me "Yeah, we all hate our spouses..."  H.O.L.Y.  C.O.W.  I was SO shocked (not that it mattered but it was completely different then what I had just assumed--and I have NO idea if I was the only one who was floored by this or not but I like to think that others in my ward were just as shocked--though not as vocal as I was.  Who knows--maybe I am the only clueless one!)

Don't ask me what other things the counselor talked about--I have no idea.  I was just so busy connecting the pieces and completely WEIRD moments and then being amazed at how well all the clues fit together!  The counselor sits down.  Vrrrrroooooom!!!  There goes 1/2 the ward now rushing towards the stand so they can share their testimonies.  I am not completely over the shock yet of where we were at and I kind of blurt out again, "Welcome to the Single's Ward!" to Casey.  (I like to think I was a little bit quieter with that announcement but who knows.)

So... as we sat there, I was SO impressed by the faith of the testimonies we were listening to.  They were such spiritual giants!!  It didn't matter that who we were with or what we didn't have in common (marriage and single students) because what we did have in common was far greater!! :)  Some of those people shared exactly the things I needed to hear.  The guy next to Casey leans over and whispers to us both "Why aren't any of the married people on the stand?"  Well, that is a good question--because something dumb happens when you get married and you don't run to the stand any more to share your testimony.  I tell him, "The line is WAY too long... The married people don't want to go up there and end up sitting apart from your spouse the entire meeting."  I know it sounds lame but I am kind of serious.

I had NO intention of going up and bearing my testimony!!!  No way.  It wasn't my ward.  I'm not going up on the stand back into the meat market by myself.  Who knows how much time there will be anyway.  Well, my hands start sweating and my heart starts beating hard.  Towards the end of the meeting, I knew I had to go up.  I don't want to but realize I would be so ungrateful if I didn't.  I whisper (serious this time--it was a very quiet whisper) to Casey, "I have to go up!"  I step across him and then kind of stumble across the random guy sitting next to Casey.  And I walk up.  It was a long walk.  My Bishop and Stake President (who actually knows me because of my stake calling!) are watching me.

I was the last person to share my testimony.  I proceed to explain my shocked feelings about learning what ward we were in.  Everyone was laughing.  But I didn't go up to be a comic relief.  I was there to testify of Christ.  (Though the background info definitely emphasized my point!)  My testimony today was based on how grateful I am that the gospel is the same!  And Heavenly Father loves us all the same--it doesn't matter if you are married or single or anything else!  We are ALL His children!  And I know that there really is a prophet guiding the church because it is the same thing no matter where you are.  I truly am grateful for this!!  And the Holy Ghost is the same and can prompt you no matter what stage of life you are in.

It turned out to be a wonderful Sunday and I was truly blessed and greatly spiritually fed! :)

P.S.  If any of this doesn't make sense to you, leave a comment, I would love to explain my beliefs!  Learn more about what a testimony is or to see the basic beliefs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!!