Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Perfect Team

When Casey and I were sophomores in high school, we worked together to create a PowerPoint presentation for our math class.  Our teacher (who we are both still friends with today—we are now on a first name basis… weird, huh?!) was one of the few to have a laptop lab in his class.  Now it is like a standard but clear back in the day ;) it was a rarity.  In order to keep the lab, he was required to have a student project in the school technology fair.  When he assigned everyone the project to make a slideshow with a partner, we had no idea that his whole motive was to have something in the school fair.  We didn’t even know the school had a fair!

Well, we went way beyond and above the required assignment—with animated pictures and timed sound clips.  We just assumed that everyone was making a PP just like ours.  Wrong-o!  My mom told us once that we made a great team because I have artistic talents and Casey is blessed with technical talents.  So together, it looked visually pleasing with color coordination and patterns.  I designed it and would pick the colors and show how I wanted things to be laid out on the paper.  Casey then took my ideas from paper and talk and made them happen on the computer.  Without the other person, we never would have won because Casey needed me to make it look pretty and I need him to make it techy.

Long story short, we entered the school fair and won (hand’s down) and were able to compete at the district fair.  After showing it too all of the judges and visitors and then waiting for the results, we placed first!  We won “gold” medals, a plaque (someday, I will have to share the hilarious story of this plaque!) and our teacher won a projector for his classroom.  He was one of the only ones with a projector—and now I don’t know how to teach without it!!
Ignore the sticker at the bottom--it says "Partner in Crime"
I scanned this from my scrapbook.
This was at the District Technology Fair.
The man with a beard was our teacher and now good friend.
Anyway… whether it was our sophomore year of high school or today—we still make the perfect team!  As you have been watching some changes to our blog, it is still the same combination today as it was then.  I design it and make it cute and he makes it work! 

For example:
  • Blog name—her.  Owning the address—him.
  • Designing a Value billboard—her.  Making the billboard fit in the required space—him.
  • Drawing the button/ sticker—her.  Taking the paper doodles to computer animations—him. (check back for this SOON!  We are still working on putting it together.)
  • Creating a homepage for our address—him.  Choosing the colors and fonts—her.
See what I mean… he is techy and I’m creative and together we are like peanut butter and jelly!  So much better together—perfect for one another.  I love that although we are going on only our second year of marriage, we are in our 9th year of being best friends and working together on projects. :)


JandS Morgan said...

Look how cute you guys were even then :)

Lisa said...

Thanks Steph!! :) It is amazing how similar we look--in some aspects and yet how completely different in others!