Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So a little background information…  I come up with all sorts of things to keep myself busy while I am subbing.  Yesterday I wrote a short story/ poem/ sort of a thing.  (For any of the English people reading this… after you read what I wrote, will you please tell me what it is called—if anything?  For everyone else, I would love to hear your comments! :D )

by: Lisa

I sit in class and stare off, pretending to be on task.  I’m dreaming of him.  We laugh about everything and talk about nothing.  I want to marry someone just like him.  Everyone tells me I’m crazy; you never marry someone you went to high school with—let alone junior high.  But I’m determined to beat the odds.  The only problem, what if he doesn’t see me as his dream girl?

I lay awake at night, gazing at a picture taken at the school dance.  I’m dreaming of him.  We are best friends and I think I love him—though I wouldn’t admit that to anyone… not even my journal.  Everyone believes that this will be short lived.  But I’m determined to marry my best friend.  The only problem, what if I’m not his best friend?

I rush through my homework and then wait, bolting towards the phone every time it rings.  I’m dreaming of him.  He promised to call me today.  We talk on the phone most days for hours on end.  Everyone thinks we’ll never be more than just friends.  But I’m determined to make it work when we are older.  The only problem, what if he’s not willing to make it work?

I run to the mailbox—everyday, just in case, but especially on Saturdays.  I’m dreaming of him.  Our daily, ridiculously long phone calls and occasional outings have been cut; he’s 2,000 miles away.  One letter a week… sometimes it’s really just one paragraph.  Everyone claims I’ll never wait, that it will never work out.  I’m not waiting though; I’m just supporting him.  But I’m determined he is the best because I keep dating others and no one even compares—they don’t even come close.  The only problem, what if I’m not the best?

Fast Forward.
We beat the odds; I am his dream girl and his best friendHe’s willing to make it workI am the best—at least he thinks so.

So what happened?  I stopped dreaming.  Life got busyCollege and homework and jobs and budgets and chores and responsibilities and… life happened.  And in the process we forgot… er, um… I forgotI forgot how excited I was to see his smile, hear his voice, touch his hand, dream of him.

But for today, I’m dreaming of him.  I’ll run home to his warm hug.  I’ll wash the dishes just a little faster so we can have an extra minute or two together.  I’ll look past those little things he does that drive me nuts—and somehow never saw before.  I’ll make his favorite treat just to remind him of my love.  Everyone says it can’t work, that most marriages end in divorce.  But I’m determined—we are married for eternity.  The only problem
what if eternity is not long enough?


Julie And Adam said...

I LOVE this!!! It's so clever!!! You know, I always thought you two would be a good couple. You guys were just such good friends!

Lisa said...

Thanks Julie! :) I keep reading it over and over... I LOVE it too! ;)

You and everyone else thought that--I'm so glad we finally thought that too! :D