Sunday, March 20, 2011

Missing the Tabernacle

We had the opportunity to attend Stake Conference today.  It was a wonderful meeting and my spirit was well fed!  I imagine in the near future, I will be sharing a post or two about some of the things I learned!  But as for right now... stake conference made me miss the tabernacle.  :(

Last year our stake conference was held in the tabernacle.  We arrived early and took the time to go on a self guided tour of the building and read all of the captions below/ near all of the pictures from the tabernacle's history.  I learned a lot about the building from this--for example, one thing I remember is the bell that is now located on the Southwest corner of the Marriott Center (aka Victory Bell) was originally on top of the tabernacle roof.  It was moved after it kept causing the roof to collapse.

Anyway, we drove past it today just to see where it was at.  It was interesting.  If you remember, last December, their was a huge fire in the tabernacle.  I reflected a lot about it and wrote "Tabernacle Teaches Thinking."  

After seeing it today, the tabernacle now represents hope and the Atonement.  Even the biggest of problems can be fixed in life.  It takes time and hard work, but everything can be restored.  There are many scaffoldings (look at the pictures below) holding the building up.  And those could represent the people around us--like my darling husband, our Bishop, all our family and friends, but most importantly the Savior--when we are going through a hard time.  There is hope!  The building is still standing!  For awhile, all the roads around it were completely closed because the building was thought to collapse.  But it is still there and it can be restored.  No matter what happens in life, you will always still exist and can always learn to forgive/ be forgiven.

Enjoy...  The Provo Tabernacle on March 20, 2011
This is the East (and a little South) side of the building
The pile of rubble located directly North of the tabernacle
The Southwest corner... see those scaffoldings? 
South side...
Part of the road is still fenced off.
The fence goes all around the entire  tabernacle and field to the north.

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