Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh How We Need Each Other

So I was torn between the title for this post... "The Value of a Compliment" or "Oh How We Need Each Other."  I decided with the second choice because this post goes far deeper than just the compliments.

My ward had a Relief Society Birthday Celebration dinner tonight.  The theme was "Oh How We Need Each Other."  The guest speaker focused on this a lot.  But we will come back to that in a minute.

As we were waiting in line to make DELICIOUS taco salads, three different girls came up to me and complimented me on looking fabulous.  I so needed to hear that--way more than these dear friends could have ever known.  Yesterday night, as we were getting ready for bed, I was feeling pretty sad about the loosing weight thing.  I just kind of felt like I wasn't making progress anymore.  (It was just one of those moments.)  Normally things always look brighter in the morning except I just felt kind of icky when I woke up today.  Several people have been passing around a cold and I hope I am not coming down with it/ or if I am that I can fight it off fast.  I didn't exercise this morning because I didn't feel I could handle that and still sub today.  It was basically one or the other for my energy level.

Fortunately the kids were wonderful today and I didn't have to solve too many problems and/or move a great deal.  But, I still felt like the beginning of a cold icky and sad about my "getting fit" goal.  Relief Society tonight was amazing and oh how we really do need each other.  The compliments from these three separate and unrelated sisters brightened my day and help me move beyond the feelings from last night.  While the speaker was talking about how we need to turn to each other for service and support and etc, I felt like I was a walking example of it.  My darling sweetheart continues to tell me how cute I look and how impressed he is with the weight I'm loosing.  (Don't get me wrong, I definitely need to hear these words from him!)  But hearing it from 3 random people tonight meant so much to me.  I feel like I am actually making progress--people around me are noticing!

Now it is time to pay it forward!  The thing I needed tonight was simple--but still a need.  So now it is time to help lighten others burdens and strengthen them!  Charity really does never fail! :)


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