Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Realization

Easter is finally less than a week away!!  Yipee! :)   I love Easter!  Growing up, I normally would claim Easter as my favorite--even over Christmas.  And it is not like my family would do anything huge for it.  We would normally have a nice dinner with ham and pineapple and get Easter baskets.  We would also go to Easter egg hunts the day before.  Just the normal things.  So it was almost surprising that I would love it so much.

But I did and I still do.  Easter is all about remembering Christ and coming closer to Him.  It is about the Atonement and knowing that He suffered everything so I won't have to.  It is about being Resurrected and living again and knowing that I will live again too.  Easter is a reminder that my sins have been washed away.  With all the wonderful blessings and gifts Jesus Christ gave me, is it any wonder that I love Easter so much?

As I was sitting in Sacrament yesterday, my mind was kind of wandering.  There were some announcements alerting everyone to expect change on May 1st.  Speculations are running high and I was thinking about that--wondering what will happen.

The Sacrament Hymn pulled me back into the reason I even attend church.  It is not for the building or the people we may or may not be with.  It is for me.  I go to church every Sunday because I want to take the Sacrament.  This is the most important few minutes of my entire week and I hate when I have to miss it!

"As now I take the Sacrament,  My thoughts are turned to thee,  Thou Son of God, who lived for me,  Then died on Calvary.  I contemplate thy lasting grace,  Thy boundless charity;  To me the gift of life was giv'n, For all eternity."  (As Now We Take the Sacrament)
 As I sat there, thinking and praying, and enjoying the sweet feelings of the Holy Ghost, I realized that I celebrate Easter each and every week.  The bread represents taking on myself the name of Christ and His body.  In a sense it is the Resurrection and the gift to be able to live again and to know that death is not the end.  The water represents Christ shedding blood for me.  It is the Atonement.  But more importantly, the water represents the gift I was given to be able to repent of my sins.  It is Sanctification.  This is the best part of Easter!

I am SO thankful to believe in a loving Savior who freely sacrificed not only for me but for every person that ever walked the Earth.  I know that through His Atonement, my sins can be washed away.  And also that through the Atonement all the pain, suffering, and problems I face will be made right.  He has already paid the price for my trials--I just have to give it to Him.  I also know that Christ still lives.  He was Resurrected 3 days later and I know I can be too.  I love Easter not because of the candy or bunnies or family dinners but because of what it means to me.  And I love having the opportunity to truly celebrate this wonderful holiday every week! :)

Have no idea what any of this means?  Browse and specifically the FAQ, "What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ?  Why is it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?" and "What are Mormon Church services like?"  Or leave a comment--I will reply! :D


Patrick, Adrienne, Isabella, & Makenzie said...

are you in a married student ward? if you are, maybe the big news is that your ward will no longer be a married student ward? i've been reading articles about how the church is getting rid of student wards and creating YSA wards and stakes and whatnot. so i assume they'll take the married student wards and have everyone go to nearby family wards or create a family ward out of it? no idea.

i love that sacrament hymn.

Lisa said...

There are so many guesses and speculations right now. We heard some info from the 1st counselor in the stake presidency and also our Bishop yesterday... but the biggest thing from yesterday was that everything is still not totally known. Our Bishop told us that a few times; he didn't know what was happening. And he had his own guesses (informed guesses?). It will be interesting to see in a couple of weeks! :)

Erin Despain said...

Since we'll be in New York, you'll have to let me know what the changes are!

Lisa said...

Erin--deal! I'm sure I will be posting about it! :) I'm way curious! It may be something huge or it might be something small... but is sure does make me wonder!