Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Power of Couple Prayer

For about a month, we have been experimenting with some counsel given to us at Stake Conference.  This was originally shared by Elder Randy W. Wilkinson.  He is an area 70 and was presiding at our Stake Conference.  His advice has changed our lives.  I can already see the positive effects--our love is stronger, our prayers are meaningful, our faith is increasing, our friendship is growing.  So what was the advice that is day by day strengthening our marriage?

It is simple really.  All we had to do was to change the way and what we are praying for.  Casey and I have made a goal to each say at least one of these prayers everyday.

Elder Wilkinson taught us how to pray with purpose and with love.  And now I'm going to teach you what we learned. :)  While you are praying together as a couple, explain to Heavenly Father how grateful you are for your spouse and why.  Tell Him why you need your spouse and how your spouse truly blesses your life.  Explain to Heavenly Father how deep your love is for your spouse and why you trust him/her.  Etc!!!  (So example....  While I am praying, I would include something like, "I'm so grateful for Casey working so hard at school and his job.  I know he is really busy but I appreciate his sacrifice.  His hard work really blesses our family and I know that he will continue to be able to provide for our future family.")  Your spouse needs to hear you tell Heavenly Father all of those things on a regular basis.

We had never really prayed like that before.  I guess we kind of took each other for granted in some regards but now, these prayers become some of our favorite--and longest.  I'm so excited to listen for what Casey will pray about that day and I imagine he is just as eager.  All of the sudden, I know that Casey actually appreciates all the time I spent doing the laundry, cooking a nice dinner, choosing to workout.

We were challenged by Elder Wilkinson to pray on a regular basis following the pattern he just taught.  So will you?  I know it brings countless blessings and fills our home with love.  It constantly invites the spirit to join us.  It helps me remember how blessed I am to have such an amazing companion--one whom I am privileged to spend the rest of my life but more importantly all of eternity with.
P.S.  I already shared some great counsel from our Stake President called "Things to Nourish."  And honestly, his advice fits hand in hand with Elder Wilkinson's.  A marriage really does need expressions of gratitude to make it even better.


Anonymous said...

Увлекательно. Хотелось бы еще выслушать мнение специалистов по этому поводу :)

Хороший сайт! Все прикольно сделано.

Lisa said...

When I typed the above comment into google translate, it means "Fascinating. I would like to hear the views of experts on this subject :) Good site! All the fun is done."

I don't know if there are expert opinions on this or not. You could google it. But I do know that it works. That is enough for us because the blessings received are great.