Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Preparing for Easter

So I was thinking about Easter coming up.  I have always LOVED Easter--seriously probably one of my very favorite holidays.  This Easter is going to be different though.  I have changed.  Physically.  I choose to change and I am going to stick with it because I know I am worth it!  Anyway... that is not about what this post is about.
And honestly, that is not was Easter is about either.  Easter is really about the best gift ever given, the Atonement and Jesus Christ sacrificing so freely and giving so much for me... for everyone.  So instead of looking forward to baskets filled with chocolate, jelly beans, peeps... calories!  I am going to look forward to coming closer to the Savior.

I have realized that I am committed to being better physically.  I am proving that one healthy choice, one sweaty workout, one day at a time.  So now it is time to prove I am committed to being better spiritually.  One meaningful prayer, one personal scripture study, one family scripture study, one day at a time.

So here is the challenge.  Everyday between now and Easter, I am going to (1) study the scriptures by myself, (2) with my sweetheart, and (3) have a thought provoking and time required prayer.  I want to improve!  I have been doing fairly decent in the past but would occasionally miss days for whatever reason or not get as much out of it as I could.  This Easter season, I am going to be focusing on the reason for the holiday instead of the sugar packed hopping bunny.  And I know this goal is going to help me become who I truly want to be--absolutely beautiful, inside and out. :D

I hope you will join me as we all prepare to celebrate Easter!  

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