Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Talk of Prom

Prom is on Saturday—at least at the school I was subbing at today.  I want to go!  I want to relive being asked to the prom with a HUGE bag of peanuts, dumping them on the living room floor, and having to crack them open to find single letters and then solve the puzzle.  I want to relive decorating Casey’s room—like full out to answer him back.  (Then again maybe I don’t want this so much anymore because that means I would be “decorating” my own room aka putting ribbon and confetti and streamers and posters and colored cellophane and balloons and etc everywhere.  And I don’t really want to have to clean up that giant mess.)  I want to relive the first time I held Casey’s hand.  Ok, so our hand holding connection was for less than a minute and by force so we don’t really count it as our first time holding hands but… whatever!  (See our hand hold—love that it was captured by photograph... forget that it was forced by the photographer!)
I want to relive wearing my pale yellow prom dress and Casey wearing a matching yellow shirt.  We still have both of them.  Maybe we should wear them again, just for fun.  I want to relive getting a wrist corsage.  I wish I could say I still had that one but unfortunately, it got thrown away.  I want to relive eating dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory and passing salt sneakily around the table with our group and laughing about nothing.  I (don’t) want to relive Casey’s car having problems getting there and forgetting the tickets.  I would be ok if we never have car problems again… LoL!  I want to relive dancing in the barn and stumbling over each other’s feet and staring into his eyes thinking my life was perfect.  I want to relive hearing him tell me I’m beautiful and thanking me for dressing modestly.  I want to relive “Making Memories of Us!”

And then I realize, I do get to relive prom—practically every day of my life.  At least parts of it! :D  Casey still asks me on dates and sometimes he does something cute!  I get to decorate our room (with simple) love notes—and I do so occasionally.  I leave him love notes in other places too (and so does he).  We hold hands EVERY where we go—and even at home.  It is magical and wonderful.  My hand is never lonely anymore. ;)  (Here is a picture to prove our constant holding hands.  Neither of us had any idea this picture was being taken.  But it shows how much we love being together!)  
We match a lot—especially at church and I love it!!  Casey has given me other flowers!  Some of them that last forever and so we don’t have to worry about it getting thrown out! :D  We have gone back to The Old Spaghetti Factory often to celebrate huge events—our engagement, our wedding breakfast, milestone anniversaries, just for fun.  Unfortunately, Casey’s car has the check engine light on right now.  We have gone to other dances, still stumbled over each other’s feet, and stared into each other’s eyes knowing our lives are perfect.  He tells me I’m cute daily, thinks I am absolutely gorgeous and constantly thanks me for dressing modestly and setting a good example for others (including our future children).  And so I live each and every day of my life, “Making Memories of Us!”

And today is a special memory for us!  17 months ago, our life together began.  We really matched; I had my own bouquet; we danced and stumbled over our feet and my dress; we ate at The Old Spaghetti Factory.  It was a WONDERFUL day—even better than Prom! :D


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