Friday, April 22, 2011

"Tangled" Times Six

So I liked Tangled the first time I saw—ok seriously more like loved it!  And I was kind of excited to read on sub plans that we would be watching it in class on Tuesday.  But now, at the end of the week, I have seen the beginning two-thirds of the movie SIX times.  With three of those times being in Spanish and having to read the English subtitles to follow along.  To be honest, I’m kind of beginning to get sick of it.  I think I need a “Tangled” break.

Even after watching it so many times, it is a still must own movie!  I don’t think this movie was written to be LDS but holy cow is it ever.  Think about it.  A girl is born to Royal Parents but then has to leave their presence.  And she forgets that she is a princess.  Her agency (free will) is taken away.  But her Royal Parents send Floating Lanterns to remind her who she is—even though they can’t be with her.  The whole movie is about remembering who you are and where we came from.  Each of us is truly royal by birth—children of Heavenly Parents.  But as we left their presence and came to Earth, it is easy to forget who we are or where we can return to.  At the times when remembering I am a Princess is the most difficult, that is when Heavenly Father will send gentle floating lanterns to remind me.

I love knowing that I am a Real Princess—royal by birth.  Because my Heavenly Father is the King.  And that means that I am married to my Prince Charming.  
Life really is a fairy tale! :)



Jessica and Trent said...

I've only seen "Tangled" once and I totally didn't make the connection as to how it directly relates to us as daughters of Heavenly Father! It totally does! How cool! Thanks for pointing that out!

Patrick, Adrienne, Isabella, & Makenzie said...

the guy who did the music for it is LDS. he did The Book of Mormon movies. Can't remember his name. If you listen to the lyrics, you'll totally get the vibe there too. Love that movie.

Lisa said...

Adrienne... I didn't know that about the guy but it makes sense! The music (still stuck in my head) is totally religious--without being "religious." LoL!