Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Super Hero

With Mother's Day tomorrow and visiting both of our moms today... I've been thinking.  What is it that makes a mom so special?  Why is it that my mom is the second (after I tell Casey... or sometimes first if I can't get in touch with my sweetheart) person to know about any thing exciting or everything disappointing in my life?  How can a mother's love run so deep?

I thought back to an essay I wrote about my mom many, MANY years ago.  But it fits perfect with the season because my mom is my hero!  So in my best 12 year old writing, please enjoy the speech I gave at my 6th Grade Promotion.  (And yes, I'm leaving the writing the same... if it sounds like a young writer, just realize it is because I was!)
"I look up to many people but my mother, Carol, is the person that has influenced my life the most.  She has always been supportive in everything I do and she encourages me to do a better job at everything that affects me.
"My mom teaches me many things that will help me now and later in my life.  Today I am a better cook because of my mom.  It started with the simple little things to the fancy looking treats.  She taught me how to make a peanut butter sandwich, to macaroni and cheese, to baking cakes.  She educated me how to feed my self, how to walk, talk, and tie my shoes when I was a little girl.  My mother would spend the time it took to teach me these little, but very useful tasks.  My 'pleases' and 'thank yous' probably would not have been used as much without her.
"Another reason I choose my mom as a great influence to me is: she is extremely helpful.  Whenever I have a major school report due, she will help me find the supplies I need, even if it requires going to a store.  She might give me a few helpful suggestions and hints throughout the project.  My mom helps me with activities at church and with problems.  She also helps me if I am hurt.  She might put a band-aid on a cut or she might say some soothing words to calm the angry feeling.
"My last reason I look up to my mother is she loves me.  When I leave for school she will say, 'Have fun, try to learn something, and I Love You.'  When I go to camp she will sent me little love notes with candy, a little stuffed animal, or a little something so I will not get homesick.  My mom buys me new clothes or sandals or another item.  She tries to do whatever she can to make my life better.
"Although there are many other people that influence my life, I am grateful that my mom is a major part of it.  WIthout her I do not know where in the world I would be today.  She is always there for me and that has such a strong impact on me.  She cares and is always kind to me.  I love you, Mom!"
Ok... if only life were as simple now as it was clear back at the end of 6th grade.  Oh my has my life changed/ become way more complicated but through it all, I have still had the support of my super hero mom.  And I don't want to imagine my life any other way.  She will be there when we someday have a baby and help me learn how to be a mother too--and hopefully pass on her super hero cape. ;)  Thanks for your example and love and friendship!  I'm so blessed to have a wonderful mom!!  (And lucky me, I have 2 moms now--thats twice the amount of love and support!)


P.S.  This post was even written from my mom's computer... hee,hee,hee! :)

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