Friday, June 24, 2011

The Saga of the Shoes

A little while ago, it dawned on me that Sister Missionary Mall would have comfortable shoes.  Hello!  I NEED comfortable shoes with good arch support while I am on my feet teaching all day.  We have tried inserts and nicer (still cheap) shoes and foot rubs and etc.  Nothing helped.  Ok so maybe it helped but I was still having terrible foot pain which also caused a lot of back pain.  (As a side note:  I'm willing to guess that my back pain will be way lower while I am standing around all day though this coming school year because I have lost so much weight.  There is not as much pressure and heaviness on my whole body and I love it!)

So a month or so ago, I walk into Sis Mish Mall and feel totally uncomfortable because I am (1) married, (2) not going on a mission, and (3) wanting the shoes for teaching not proselyting.  I didn't know if that was legal. Well, apparently it is and apparently they sell more shoes to non-premies than to the mish-bound type.  Oh.  Ok.  I fit in perfectly then.  I tried on a few but they were at least $125 a pair.  I'm sorry but that is WAY too much money.  I don't care what the shoe feels like.  Then I see a clearance table.  I ask about it.  You can buy any two shoes off the table for $100 (FOR BOTH!).  As soon as I learned about it, I started looking and trying to find my (European) size on the table.  No such luck.  I left the store empty handed but determined to go back and check the clearance table again.

I have kind of forgotten about/ been to busy to stalk Sis Mish Mall.  Fast forward to this morning.

It dawned on me; we are moving next week!  If I am going to get shoes from there, it is going to HAVE to be today.  I tell Casey about my urgent NEED to go buy shoes today.  He (fortunately) understood and agreed.  In our morning prayer, he prayed that I would find shoes that are comfortable and on clearance today when I went in to the store.  I prayed in my personal prayer.  We both kept praying--at least I did.

I had not even thought about buying full priced shoes.  I honestly don't know if I would have or not.  I was just trusting I would be able to find clearance.

Well, I walked into the store and EVERYONE was super helpful and friendly.  Until they learned that I was interested in the clearance shoes.  'Oh she is one of the el cheapo type and we don't get paid enough to give her valuable customer service.'  Whatever.  I was assertive and figured out what shoe size I wore--generally an easy task: between 9-10, preferably wide.  Well, these shoes are European sized with numbers ranging between the 30s- 40s.  I have no idea.  So I hunted someone down and asked.  And every time I had a question, I would keep hunting and asking.  It worked.

Then another tender mercy.  Some lady is over in the shoe part trying on the full priced shoes.  The associate sat there with her and answered her questions.  Well, I listened in and chimed in with my own questions.  The lady wanted good arch support.  Hey me too!  The associate was pointing out the best shoes for arch support and then looked at my feet and commented that the shoes I was trying on were actually the best ones--just a different color.  What?!  I'm sold.  I definitely want that pair of shoes (it is metallic black; a slightly odd color but whatever!  It is on clearance and fits my foot GREAT!)  The other lady was wanting to try on my metallic shoes.  I showed her some other ones I had found (which turned out to be about a size 5) and kept her away from the metallic shoes on my feet--I was not sharing because they were the only pair there.  Now I could either get it for $69.95 or get 2 for $100.  Well, I really want the two so I can rotate.  And I REALLY want the second pair to be brown so then I can wear both of them with everything.

I could not find any brown shoes on clearance except for the "Hush Puppy" brand.  And it is no where near as comfortable as the Metallic Danskos.  At first I thought I liked it but then decided I didn't want it.  I would never be happy with it on the comfort level scale when the metallic ones were incredible.  I asked if there were any more clearance shoes--specifically anymore brown.  'No.  Everything is on the table.'  I searched the table again and again.  I seriously read every shoe description/ name/ European size probably 3-4 times.  And then one shoe jumped out.  It was size 42 and Dansko AND brown.  Well, the metallic ones were size 41 so maybe the 42 would be close enough it would work.  I have no idea where this shoe came from.  I mean obviously it was on the table because no one touched any of the shoes but I swear it wasn't there earlier.  I had read all the boxes.  I have no idea how it just appeared/ I missed it before.  But there it was.

I try it on.  It is a little bit bigger.  And a different style.  No where near as cute as the other ones.  But it is still comfortable.  I ask the associate (still conveniently helping the other lady--and therefore me too!) what the arch support was of the brown shoe.  She said a tiny bit lower than the metallic ones but still extremely high.

I walk around and around the store.  Trying to decide if I like it enough to buy it.  Is it comfortable?  Is it too big?  Is it worth the money?  Can I deal with it not exactly being "cute?"  Well, I decided I did like it and that my pants will be covering the shoe anyway so the cute factor will be fine.  And the comfort level is amazing.  For once in my life, my ridiculously high arches actually have support.  This truly is a novel concept but one that I'm getting used to pretty quickly while I lap the store.

This is the ONLY time I will be wearing mismatched shoes...
I just wanted to show both off! :D
And, they still are as dreamy comfortable as I remembered while I was at the store--
don't you hate how shoes are great in the store but somehow they change on the car ride home?!
Not these ones--they are still fabulous! ;)
Yipee!  Our prayers were heard.  One black (ish) pair, one brown pair.  Both with HIGH arches, excellent support, and an orthopedic insert.  Both are comfortable.  Both are my size (or close enough).  Both were on the clearance table!!!! 

I walked out of that store with a large white bag, a huge smile and countless grateful prayers!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

To Touch the Future

Recently, I was pondering about what the future would be like.  I doubt there will be instant buildings and bubble travel and time machines (as shown in Meet the Robinson's) but who knows.  But I love this picture!  Look at Lewis (blonde hair kid in back).  He is terrified and has no idea what to expect.  How many times have I felt that way--um yeah a lot!  It is hard waiting and not knowing.  But isn't that when the greatest blessings come--after the trial of our faith.

In the movie, Lewis is in 7th grade.  He has no idea what will happen with his life.  His biggest concern--getting adopted.  He has no idea that he will become a famous inventor.  He can't see the future and somehow thinks it must not exist because he is almost 13 and therefore claims the chances of a teenager being adopted are small.  Thinking about the kids I will be teaching, I wonder how many of them are like Lewis.  They are trying so hard to make their project work or stressed about their home life and every time they try to fix the project, it keeps breaking and the home life doesn't seem to be improving.  They have no idea what will happen with their lives but because of the encouragement of one great teacher, they are willing to keep trying. I want to be that "science teacher" that believes in my students, that encourages them to do their best, that helps them keep trying.  I want my students to see their great potential to work towards reaching it.

Just think, one person can make a difference.  One teacher can influence a student.  One student can change the world.