Thursday, June 16, 2011

One Dream Prevents Huge Ticket

Yesterday night, I woke up probably around 2 or so and was hot.  I flip the covers off and just laid there hot and incapable of sleeping in such temperatures.  I should have just gotten up and turned on the air conditioner right away.  The room would have cooled off and I would have gone back to sleep.  But no.  I just laid there because I was too tired to get up and too hot to move.

Finally I got up and turned it on.  And then went back to bed.  As I got back into bed though, Casey sat straight up.  "The CAR!" he said.  Uh-oh!

First of all, Casey was not sleep talking or anything crazy like that.  He was wide awake.  And I knew exactly what he meant.  Allow me to explain.

You see, we live in this crazy neighborhood where you are not allowed to park on the street from 10 pm to 6 am unless you have a permit.  If you do park on the street without a permit during the night, you get a ticket.  And a big one at that!  So the problem was, we left our car parked on the street instead of the driveway.  I'm now dreading the worst--a huge ticket.  Lovely.

Casey grabs his shoes and keys and runs out to our car to pull it in the driveway.  I'm laying on the bed (1) wishing it was cooler and (2) wondering how much damage this ticket would do to our budget.  He comes back in and informs me that there was no ticket yet--so he pulled the car in the driveway and all was well.

I couldn't believe it.  We both felt so greatly blessed and offered prayers of gratitude thanking Heavenly Father for helping us with a small detail in life.  It just proves that He really does care about even the smallest of things and really is loving.  I asked Casey why he woke up so suddenly and he said it was because of a dream and then he startled awake.  I am also so grateful that my husband acts on promptings from the spirit.  We have no idea but it is very possible that even given a few more minutes, it might have been too late.


Bossy said...

Ouch, do they patrol every night? I got a ticket once for being in the street during a snowstorm at my parents house. I didn't know it because well it was snowing the ticket was long lost.

I was super annoyed however because that winter the city had told her street they would not be plowed again because they all complained about the speed bumps they had petitioned for and wanted them removed. Trade off, do away with the "snowplow friendly speed bumps aka hey guys we can catch great air on these" and lose snow plowing for the winter. It was worth it. As a teen driver people were definitely going too fast to jump the bumps.


Lisa said...

Yes they patrol every night because we live some HUGE apartment complexes and the home residents don't like having all "their" street taken up by the apartment people. I personally think it is annoying/ weird because I didn't know people could "own" a street but whatever... :)