Saturday, June 11, 2011

To Touch the Future

Recently, I was pondering about what the future would be like.  I doubt there will be instant buildings and bubble travel and time machines (as shown in Meet the Robinson's) but who knows.  But I love this picture!  Look at Lewis (blonde hair kid in back).  He is terrified and has no idea what to expect.  How many times have I felt that way--um yeah a lot!  It is hard waiting and not knowing.  But isn't that when the greatest blessings come--after the trial of our faith.

In the movie, Lewis is in 7th grade.  He has no idea what will happen with his life.  His biggest concern--getting adopted.  He has no idea that he will become a famous inventor.  He can't see the future and somehow thinks it must not exist because he is almost 13 and therefore claims the chances of a teenager being adopted are small.  Thinking about the kids I will be teaching, I wonder how many of them are like Lewis.  They are trying so hard to make their project work or stressed about their home life and every time they try to fix the project, it keeps breaking and the home life doesn't seem to be improving.  They have no idea what will happen with their lives but because of the encouragement of one great teacher, they are willing to keep trying. I want to be that "science teacher" that believes in my students, that encourages them to do their best, that helps them keep trying.  I want my students to see their great potential to work towards reaching it.

Just think, one person can make a difference.  One teacher can influence a student.  One student can change the world.

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