Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"The Eternal Blessings of Marriage"

Yesterday, I was blessed to be able to attend my first Relief Society activity in my new ward.  I was excited to go (1) to learn and be spiritually uplifted and (2) to meet new friends and feel more comfortable with those around me.  I'm happy to report that both of my objectives were accomplished! :)

We talked about ideas for FHE, even as newlyweds.  I have written about this before and my strong conviction to have FHE because we are a FAMILY.  Find my testimony and why FHE is important to me in "The Blessings of and Ideas for FHE."  This post is also a great resource because I listed off countless ideas at the bottom!!  I hope some of them will work well with your family!  Another great FHE idea to check out is "Looking For The Good."  I loved doing it at the time.  I just went back and watched the video I made again and love it even more now that we have moved.  We have record of our previous apartment!  300% recommend EVERYONE have this FHE lesson sometime!

Anyway... I just realized that Family Home Evening may not look like it is super important in our lives.  I haven't posted about it in a while.  (We have had other things on our mind--like applying for jobs, loosing weight, moving, etc.)  And although we have continued to have it week after week, writing about what we have done to help inspire you hasn't been happening.  I'm going to get better at this.  I promise! :)

So my idea for today comes from the past General Conference by Elder Richard G. Scott.  His talk called "The Eternal Blessings of Marriage" is PERFECT for newlyweds!  Perfect.  (As well as perfect anyone with a spouse--and maybe even hoping to someday have a spouse.  It is just a great talk!)  I have a few ideas for the lesson--pick what works for you!

First off, let me just say that his conference address is very similar to the CES Broadcast he gave on September 10, 2010.  Casey and I had the opportunity to watch that address live in the Marriot Center.  We were sitting really close and loved it!

Lesson Ideas:
1. Read the Conference talk together.  Look for ways he was able to show his wife love and then try to follow his example.  (You can read the talk online by clicking HERE.)
2. Instead of reading, watch the Conference talk together.  (Click HERE for the video.)
3. My FAVORITE idea.  Assign one person to read/ study the conference talk before hand and assign the other the CES Broadcast talk.  Then present them together in FHE and compare and contrast how they are similar and different.  (The text for the CES broadcast is found HERE and the video is available HERE and then click on the movie stream.)  --As a note: the CES talk is much longer.  Assign this to whoever will have more time/ reads faster/ etc.

Activity Ideas:
Write a letter to your spouse.  Instead of reading them, seal both letters in an envelope and write on the outside of the envelope the date (or event) when you will open the letters and read them.  Example of when to read the letter--1 year from today, 5 years from today, on your next anniversary, when you come home from the hospital after the birth of your baby, night of graduation, etc.
P.S. We enjoyed this lesson.  It was a good reminder.  We were so busy that night though that we didn't have a chance for the activity.  We still need to write letters to our future selves.  I'm excited for this because it will be fun to read them eventually.

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