Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Glimpse of Eternity

Ok... So first of all, this picture is from 2 months ago--I'm behind on blogging... I know.  Casey and I went to BYU AstroFest.  It would be SO much fun for little kids but we still enjoyed it without little ones running around! :)

I love this though because as we sat in the BYU Planetarium, I caught a glimpse of what eternity will be like.  Beautiful and without end.  It is amazing to sit there and watch all that surrounds us in the universe and to know that this was all created for us.  It didn't just happen out of nowhere but instead with a plan and for a purpose!

Another place that really helps me glimpse into eternity is when we spend time in the temple.  (This picture was taken yesterday.)  With all the moving and boxes and cleaning and sorting and boxes--everywhere (sidenote: we really are working to unpack all the boxes.  We are making major progress but wow we have A LOT of stuff housed in several boxes.), it is nice to take a break and to go somewhere clean and orderly.  I want my home to resemble the temple--beautiful and peaceful.

But anyway, as we take the time out of our super busy lives to attend the temple, I am reminded of all the blessings that await in the next life.  It is glorious and I know it is real.  It sometimes seems hard to think that there is anything after this life or to get caught up in the craziness of the moment, but the temple is a gentle reminder that eternity does exist and it is just waiting for me.  I love little moments like this that remind me who I am and what we can become! :)
P.S. As a sidenote, I just mapped how long it takes to drive from our home to the Jordan River Temple.  It is under 20 minutes.  But here is perspective for you.  Yesterday while we were on the freeway, I sighed and then stated "Gee we sure live far away from the temple.  It takes a long time to get there!"  Keep in mind, before we moved, we lived maybe 4 minutes from the temple.  Maybe--only if you had to stop at the lights.  And so I miss our less than 4 minute weekly commute but am grateful to now have 4 temples under 30 minutes away! :D

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