Thursday, July 21, 2011

Loving the New... Missing the Old

Since we moved about 3 weeks ago (it seems crazy that it was just so recent--it seems like we have lived here for a long time!), I have been comparing the things I love and miss about our two apartments.

I love having a washer and dryer IN our apartment!  I can do wash whenever I want and it is now just an activity rather than an entire day event.  I miss having all our clothes dry at the same time--one nice perk about the laundromat.

I love having a dishwasher.  Wow this really saves so much time.  I miss having a reason (ok... maybe the right word would be excuse) for having dirty dishes in the sink.  Now I can't really justify it.

I love being able to open the fridge (and crisper drawers) and not have water gush out.  The old fridge was broken.  I miss having a full sized fridge.  The top of the fridge now comes up to about my chin/ mouth area.

I love how quiet our home is.  It is so nice not hearing constant busy road traffic.  I miss having two air conditioners.  Part of the reason our other apartment was loud was because it was also cooler.

I love having a dumpster to throw away all of our boxes in.  So nice!  I miss only having to take a few steps to throw something away outside.

I love having a two car covered parking.  I miss not having to climb two flights of stairs every time we leave/ come home.

I love the new location.  It has easy access and is close to everything.  I miss spending more time with Casey. He now has a good commute, twice a day.

I love our second bedroom.  Our house feels so much cleaner and not so cluttered.  I miss the monthly rent.  It was obviously cheaper because it was smaller.

I love our new ward.  We are slowly making friends and I can't explain it but there is just such a comforting feeling there.  I miss our old ward and friends but you can't stay in a student ward for forever....

Overall, the move has worked out extremely well and I feel so blessed.  I know the Lord's hand is in our lives and has been guiding and helping us so much through this time of transition.  That is my favorite part.  No matter where we go we will (1) always have the Lord and (2) always have each other! :)

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