Monday, August 8, 2011

Guess: Where was I sitting?

Just thought you might want a glimpse into my busy life (and the reason I haven't been writing as much on here recently).

I will give you one try.  Guess where I was sitting?!  ;)
I have always studied like this.  When I was in high school or college working on papers or studying for tests, my "space" would look exactly the same.  I love sitting on the floor and then spreading everything I need in a circle around me gradually as I use it.  I even have my own desk now (which I'm pretty sure my hubby was hoping I would use for lesson planning) and I still preferred the floor/ spread out method.

Lesson plans are coming slowly.  My goal is to be 1 week ahead of where I'm teaching.  It will be less stressful that way.  Ultimately, it would be nice to be an entire section ahead but seeing how that was not working, I decided to make a reasonable goal instead.

I still have A LOT (like I'm not even kidding about the term A LOT) of organizing, cleaning, bulletin board making, etc work I need to get done in my classroom.  It is going to be a busy next few weeks before school starts! :)


Brown-Eyed Girl said...

That is definitely the only way to get things done. I picked up working like that when I was doing a lot of scrapbooking. It's just better to have everything right there and organized than in neat little piles tucked into drawers!

Julie Anna Sanchez said...

Hey I study like this too. It must be genetic or something... And then we would have competing circles all over the whole living room floor.

Isn't it strange how the papers would spread into perfect circles as the studying goes on?

Lisa said...

If it really is genetic then lucky Casey will have children like this too....

And I don't think it is strange--my arms are one length and I am sitting in the center point. So as I put something down, it makes sense that it is all the same distance out. :)

Becky said...

I like to spread out the same way! I always did all my studying on the floor like that, but our new house has this big built-in desk in the basement office, and I love it. It's big enough for me to spread EVERYTHING out. And I don't have to clean it up, I can leave it out all the time! Very handy when I'm lesson planning and My little one wants to "help"!