Friday, November 11, 2011

11 Reasons I LOVE my life!

So 11-11-11 is pretty big today.  Maybe my friends are all just nerds but "Happy 11 Day" has spammed my facebook page.  My students sure got a kick out of writing the date on their papers today.  I'm willing to guess that their are countless marriages being performed simply because people think it is lucky.  So I kept thinking about 11.  What does 11 mean to me.  Why is today so special.  Well, I will list 11 good reasons why 11 is a great reason to celebrate.

1.  I love spending 1 on 1 time with my sweetheart!
2.  I'm grateful my school is about an 11 minute drive--seriously.  (But only when I happen to hit mostly all green lights.)
3.  I love listening to 11 minutes (or more if I'm waiting at a red light) of conference twice a day.
4.  I was married in the 11th month two years ago!!
5.  I only have 1 plus 1 subjects to teach.  (Love only having two class subjects!)
6.  My fingers are well below size 11 when before they used to be pushing it.
7.  I can always look forward to my 11 minutes (plus or minus) of scripture time.
8.  Just under 11 years ago I met my eternal best friend.
9.  I look forward to my 1:1 phone chats with my mom.
10. I'm pretty sure my texting speed is at least 11 wpm... who knows maybe faster.
11. Every night I get to spend (hopefully more than) 11 minutes together with my love at dinner.

Happy 11-11-11 Day... after all this 11 experience will only come once in my life time so I might as well enjoy it!


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