Thursday, December 29, 2011

Changes of 2011

Our (slightly late) Christmas Card with our 2011 letter below.  
Hope you enjoy both!
and Friends,
 I remember when
 2011 just started &
 feeling so uncertain
 about the year because
 we expected so many changes
 but at the same time didn't know
 what, if anything, would happen.  Well, 
I'm pleased to report the changes were
 wonderful and our lives are so deeply
 blessed.  First, I was hired as a full time
 Family and Consumer Science teacher at
 the junior high we both attended growing
 up.  It has definitely been a learning experience
 this year with times of feeling overwhelmed and
 wondering why I am doing this but generally I
 enjoy it.  The next change resulted in us moving.  
I fall asleep so easily in cars that commuting for
 around an hour (possibly longer) both directions
 for me was not an option.  Casey instead commuted
 back to UVU but generally took the bus and was able
 to study while riding.  Casey also had a change this year
 when he started working on campus as a help desk technician. 
 He greatly enjoyed this job and was good at it but change happened
 once again when he decided to quit because he working way too many
 hours a week.  Another big change for Casey was he was called to serve
 as the Elder's Quorum Secretary in our new ward.  We love our new ward
  though it was a huge change from our student ward the first Sunday realizing
 there was actually a large primary and mutual as well as several seasoned
 members.  Probably the biggest change in my life is that I got my life back.
  I started out 2011 with a determination to loose weight.  Well, this has been a
 lifestyle change for both of us and one that I'm never returning.  Seeing the difference
 and feeling the change in my energy level was amazing as I continued to gradually loose
 weight week by week.  Bringing the grand total of weight loss to 93 pounds.  Finally our
 biggest change this year (in case you missed it) is we are expecting our first little one.  I am
 due in June.  We are both so excited for the wonderful opportunity and know it will bring a whole
 new set of changes in 2012 but we are eager to face them together and with the help of Heavenly Father.
Although there have been so many changes there are some things that will never change.  One our love for each other.  Two our testimonies in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  And three being together
 for eternity.
We hope you
 had an equally
 wonderful year.
Wishing you the
best in 2012!!!
Photobucket & Casey

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