Saturday, January 7, 2012

In Search of a Manger {aka baby furniture}

Shortly after we found out we were pregnant, we realized there would be a lot of "things" we would have to buy/find/borrow in order to bring this little one home from the hospital with us.  Diapers and clothes and a car seat and blankets and cute shoes and hair flowers/ bows if its a girl and binkies and furniture.  *gasp*  Has anyone ever checked out the price of baby furniture??  Not cheap my friends... not cheap!

I love, Love, LOVE Elder Neil L. Anderson's General Conference talk from this past October conference called, "Children."  And thinking about the expensive baby furniture required for our little one, the quote,
"In the most beloved story of a baby's birth, there was no decorated nursery or designer crib--only a manger for the Savior of the world."  
Since we want to teach our children to be like Jesus, I guess we are set.  We now only need a manger. ;)  But where do we find one of those??

One day after we spent the morning in the temple, I checked my voicemails as we were driving home.  My mom had called and told me that she found an entire set of baby furniture for free on KSL.  The people were moving and simply didn't want to take it with them.  I called my mom back for details and got the phone number of the owners of the free baby furniture.  I called and she told me that one other person had called and was planning on going to there house to look at it but she would not hold it for anyone.  First come first serve.  I scribble down her address and realize we are close.

After frantically driving and finally finding the home, we anxiously knock on the door wondering if the other people beat us there.  The door opens and to our huge relief we were the first one.  The set included the crib and mattress, changing table, armor (dresser type thing) and a glider rocking chair.   One problem... it was all white.  I didn't really want white furniture because our walls are all white and we can't paint.  Another problem... everything was VERY wobbly.  It wasn't built very well originally.  I was wondering if you could even put a baby on the changing table and not have it collapse.

Casey told me he could rebuild everything and make it stable for our little one and I decided I could live with white.  So this huge expense that I was kind of dreading forking out the dough for was just lifted.  All of our baby furniture was for free!!

Casey has successfully spent the last week or so taking a part and completely rebuilding everything.  (And also heavy duty cleaning/ scrubbing--just to make sure.)  And great news!  Our baby furniture is now clean, stable and ready for the baby.  Well, not really ready for baby yet.  The crib is still in pieces because we have to clean out the baby's room first and we still need sheets and bumpers and etc but for sure a major step forward.  

We truly are so blessed and deeply grateful!

My Handsome carpenter in our "workshop"
normally called bedroom... LoL!
Fixing the foot... one of the last steps for the dresser remodeling
Trial Run. :)
Casey is AMAZING!  This is SO stable now!


Lynette said...

I remember that talk because we just moved into our house and I was 35 weeks pregnant and everyone kept asking when I would have the baby's room done. I heard that talk and realized she could come anytime and her room didn't need to be fancy and I would even tell people that the manger was sufficient for Jesus. Good luck with everything. It is such a fun time.

Erin Despain said...

How exciting! It's such a huge relief to get baby furniture for free/cheap. Almost all of our baby furniture was free because they were hand-me-downs. Such a huge blessing!

Also, if you don't want white furniture, you guys could probably paint them fairly easily. And you'd be able to pick the color you want.

I'm so happy for you. Being a mom is THE greatest. And it gets better as time goes on.

Brown-Eyed Girl said...

that's awesome!

Anonymous said...

I would say if you don't like the white color while it is being taken apart paint it! It is super easy and would only cost a bit to paint it a neutral color.

Patrick, Adrienne, & Bella said...

that furniture all looks quite nice!! congrats!

we have a small swing, if you'd like it, you can have it for $20. if you're interested, LMK and i'll send you a picture.