Friday, March 2, 2012

He Loves Me Because...

1. Woke up early just so I would get up--even though he had no school today.

2. Made me lunch without me even having to ask him to do so.

3. Hid a love note in my lunch reminding me of our date for this evening.

4. Shoveled our apartment balcony, the balcony just below ours and two sets of stairs just so I would not have to walk in any snow while heading to the car.

5. The last words I hear this morning were "I love you forever Sweetie!"

6. Ordered a hard to find item for me on amazon. My package arrived today.

7. The first thing I heard when I got home was "I love you!" with a huge kiss and super long hug.

8. Took me out to our special restaurant! So many happy memories there! And it was great adding another one tonight.

9. Listened to me chatter practically non stop for a long portion of our date. There was so much I had to tell him that I just hadn't found time during the week to do so.

10. Read through a lot of pregnancy information with me from the insurance company. Most of it was deemed trash but we found a few papers of worth.

11. Made sure we read our scriptures together.

12. Will tuck me in shortly and sing me a lullabye.

100% certain I married the right person! He really is amazing and blesses my life so much! <3


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