Friday, March 23, 2012

Learning Your Love Language {FHE Idea}

We had this Family Home Evening this past week.  It works well for a couple but would totally work for families with children as well.  We both enjoyed it and learned a lot from it that I thought it was worth sharing! :)

Song: "I Love to See the Temple" (Primary Songbook page 95)
Opening Prayer:
Scripture: Jacob 3:7 (the first half is great! You could probably find a better scripture if you looked though...)
Lesson: I read the section about Love from True to the Faith.  And then because it is still just the two of us (two and a half of us?? LoL!), I also read the first two paragraphs and the last section called "Achieving a Happy Marriage" from Marriage in True to the Faith.
Application: (This was the best part of the lesson!!) We each went to and took the assessment.  We took it separately--but at the same time and then talked about our results afterwards.  This would also work for children because there is a quiz for kids as well.  For those of you that have never heard about the Love Languages, Gary Chapman has written several books about how we each feel love in a different "language."  You have to learn to speak the language of your spouse/ children in order for them to feel loved.  It really is interesting to see how the other person feels loved because then I can purposefully do things that say "I Love You" for Casey and he can do the same for me.
Song: "Love at Home" (Hymn number 294)
Closing Prayer:
Treat: I just made pistachio pudding and then we had bananas on top--sounds strange but it was delicious and healthy!  I was thinking it would be fun to make your spouse's favorite treat or possibly something heart shaped (look at this website for "love" shaped food ideas).
Activity: After learning each other's (children's) love languages--do something together that shows the love.  Generally most people have different love languages so for 5-10 minutes or so, the wife can do something to show love in her husband's language and then switch.
P.S. If you are curious about what our love languages are, check back soon.  I will write another post about that later! :)  And, I just wanted to add that throughout this week, we have been working hard on continuing to speak our spouse's love language.  It has been a wonderful week and one that will hopefully continue forever! :D

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