Thursday, April 12, 2012

Remembering the Olympics

So I know this is about from forever ago...  But better late than never right?! :)

Remember how I had the opportunity to listen to Derek Parra and actually hold his Gold Medal at an assembly? Well, later that same week, there were a lot of celebrations going on to remember the Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympics.  Casey and I went down town and enjoyed the sun (though still cold temperatures) and the festivities set up.

We make a great bobsled team! :)  {Truthfully being pregnant, I doubt I would have been a great partner--but basically I just love any time that we are a team!}

We are keepers of the flame!

Casey competed in the weight lifting competition.

And even being 22 weeks pregnant (at the time), I was able to compete in the competition as well.  {Yes the thing is fake. But surprisingly a lot heavier than I would have thought a fake bar to weigh.}

We both rocked the event so much that we tied for first place!!  The lovely (sarcasm...) banner across the bottom cuts off Baby Bunny.  Sad!  But we will just call it a three way tie. :)

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Becky said...

Fun! It seems like there's so much to do there! I guess that's a benefit of living in/near a huge city... We have events here, but not often. And Not usually free! lol

Cute pics, I especially love the ones where you guys are lifting weights!